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Oil spill equipment for your every need - skimmers, boom, tanks, dispersant application systems, fire boom.

Elastec's Carmi, IL, Fairfield, IL, and Cocoa Fl, facilities
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About Elastec

Manufacturing Innovative Pollution Recovery Systems

The world headquarters of Elastec is located in Carmi, Illinois, USA, encompassing over 200,000 square feet in four manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Southern Illinois and a facility in Cocoa, Florida. Satellite sales offices are located in Virginia, Washington, India, Turkey and China. With over 110 employees, the Company manufactures pollution recovery systems with a core competency in international oil spill recovery. Elastec products are distributed through a global network of dealers and direct sales.

Resourceful Entrepreneurs

CEO Donnie Wilson and Vice President Jeff Cantrell, two Southern Illinois entrepreneurs, combined their knowledge and skills of welding, manufacturing, and oil field service experience with the invention of a drum oil skimmer and established Elastec in 1989. With the support of investors, the mentoring of director, Bill Harmon, the development of innovative products and systems, strategic acquisitions, and leadership acumen, Elastec has grown into a global leader in the manufacture of pollution recovery systems with sales in over 145 countries.

Protecting our Natural Resources

Elastec serves several niche segments of Water Pollution Control: Oil Spill, Marine Debris, Industrial and Agricultural Wastewater, and Construction and Urban Stormwater Runoff. The Company designs and manufactures drum and grooved disc oil skimmers, containment and fire booms, BoomVane™ boom deployment system, portable vacuum systems, all-terrain vehicles, aluminum workboats, oil spill response transport systems, dispersant spray systems, turbidity curtains, pumps, and storage tanks. Domestic and international patents protect Elastec product lines and technologies.

Solid Waste Recovery

Elastec also serves the Solid Waste Recovery market within these niche segments: Thermal Treatment of Medical and Clinical Waste (MediBurn), Controlled Combustion of Drug Contraband (Drug Terminator), and Portable Incineration (SmartAsh). The Company also manufactures fumigation tarps for the pest control industry.

Defining Moments

The Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 was a defining moment in the success of Elastec’s sister company, American Marine, with fire boom (developed in conjunction with 3M), a containment system for the controlled burning of oil spills. The Cocoa, Florida-based company was founded in 1967 by Jim Pearce, a highly decorated WWII U.S. fighter Ace turned test pilot. He was the first person to break the sound barrier flying an F-86.

American Marine also developed Type I & Type II turbidity curtains, floating
barriers to control silt and sediment from polluting water in marine construction,
dredging, and remediation projects.

As global awareness of environmental protection progressed, especially involving the cleanup of oil spills, Elastec recognized the need to distribute oil spill equipment internationally and opened an office in Russia in 1993. In 1997, Elastec and American Marine formed a synergistic partnership further spurring international growth in the manufacture and marketing of their combined pollution control and recovery products. Elastec and American Marine merged in 2012.

Another defining moment for the Company occurred in 2010 with the Gulf of Mexico oil
spill. An Elastec team was deployed to The Gulf for three months to lead the controlled oil burn operation. Wilson and Cantrell, along with a team of employees, corralled over 300,000 barrels of oil with the Company’s patented Hydro-Fire® Boom system, a state-of-the-art inflatable fire resistant, water-cooled boom designed to contain and burn surface oil offshore to protect sensitive shoreline habitats.

On October 11, 2011, the X PRIZE Foundation, the leading nonprofit organization solving the world's Grand Challenges by creating and managing large-scale, global incentivized competitions, and philanthropist Wendy Schmidt, who personally funded the prize purse, awarded Elastec, Carmi, Illinois, the $1 million (US) first place prize for a remarkable and historic achievement for cleaning up crude oil on the ocean’s surface: Grooved Discs.

In the wake of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the competition inspired over 350 entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists worldwide to develop innovative, rapidly deployable, and highly efficient methods of capturing crude oil from the ocean surface. Ten finalists were selected to compete demonstrating their cleanup systems during rigorous field testing over a ten-week period last summer.

Elastec’s patented Grooved Disc skimmer technology “blew the competition out of the water” winning the first place prize by recovering 4,670 gallons of oil per minute with an oil recovery efficiency of 89.5%. The technology has won several international awards including Popular Mechanics 2012 Breakthrough Technology Award, Offshore Arabia’s prestigious Excellence in Environmental Applications Award and the Nafta Gaz Grand Prix Award at Oil & Gas Warsaw in Poland.

In 2011 the governor of Illinois, USA, presented Elastec’s CFO Jeff Bohleber with the Illinois Export Award honoring excellence in exporting.
Elastec is also continually listed among Inc. magazine’s 500/5000’s fastest-growing private companies in America.

Oil spills are one of the most serious threats to the environment. Prevention is of the utmost importance, and preparedness is equally paramount. Improving and developing rapid response methods and equipment to aid oil spill response efforts led Elastec in 2012 to acquire the marketing and manufacturing rights for BoomVane™. Developed and patented by ORC of Sweden, BoomVane™ simplifies the challenges of deploying containment boom in rivers and tidal waters without the need for boats or anchors. The technology combines the science of sailing with the art of flying a kite, in the water. The result is faster response time and less recovery expense.

Elastec and Kvichak Marine Industries (pronounced Kweejack), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance aluminum workboats, formed an alliance in 2013 to better serve customers of MARCO Filterbelt™ skimmer systems and Kvichak/MARCO Oil Spill Recovery Vessels (OSRVs). The alliance creates a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of responders by providing some of the most reliable and effective oil spill response vessels and technologies available in the world today.

Working Together To Keep our World Clean

Elastec’s ISO 9001:2008 certification and numerous awards honor the quality inherent in the manufacture and management of the Company’s products, people and operations.

Elastec is proud of these accolades, but the greatest reward is the satisfaction in protecting the integrity of the Earth’s natural resources. From the employees who manufacture pollution control and recovery products, through the dealer network, and ultimately to the responders who work tirelessly to clean up environmental disasters, Elastec is dedicated to the mission of keeping our world clean.

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Elastec's Fairfield, Illinois manufacturing facility Elastec's Cocoa, Florida manufacturing facility Elastec's Carmi, Illinois manufacturing facility
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