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Work Boats

Elastec’s aluminum work boats are stewards of the waterways. From skimming oil to skimming trash and debris, they are keeping our waterways clean. We manufacture a range of boats from multi-purpose to landing craft and customized oil spill response vessels. We are proud of our skilled welders and our ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facilities. Elastec’s boat line includes the Omni Catamaran marina maintenance vessel, Rozema OSRV (Oil Spill Response Vessel), Elastec Kvichak/MARCO Filterbelt oil spill skimmer vessel, aluminum landing craft, and the Inlander™ workboat. Read more in Marine News. We can custom build a boat to your specifications.

Inlander workboat

Inlander Work Boat

The ELASTEC Inlander (aluminum workboat) is a hybrid of hull styles (Skiff, Jon, Sled) to give you a multi-purpose boat with unique capabilities. The modified V hull with a blunt bow, high sides, and a wide stance increase the payload to double that of similar boats, an impressive 4,000 lbs./1,800 kg – added to which they can be lashed together for even more versatility. The Inlander is perfect for oil spill response, emergency response, rescue, cargo hauling, and commercial fishing applications.

Aluminum landing craft

Aluminum Landing Craft

Elastec aluminum landing craft are often used for oil spill recovery and waterway maintenance operations. They can be fitted with a choice of outboard motors. The spacious hull can carry a range of loads and offers a large deck area. The bow ramp is convenient for loading equipment and utility vehicles. We can custom build a boat to your specifications.

Elastec Omni Catamaran trash skimmer boat

Omni Catamaran Trash Skimmer Boat

The Elastec Omni Catamaran is a versatile aluminum work boat that offers a variety of waterway maintenance and marina service applications. Its interchangeable “pods” are easily exchanged to facilitate various marine tasks such as: collecting floating debris, transporting cargo, pumping out boat sewage, cutting invasive aquatic weeds, supporting diving operations, lifting buoys and responding to oil spills.

Asian Carp fishing boat

Asian Carp Fishing Boat

Several species of heavy-bodied cyprinid fishes collectively known in the United States as Asian Carp are quickly becoming a target for commercial fishermen across the country. The Elastec Inlander work boat can be customized with options to make it efficient for Asian Carp commercial fishing operations. The modified V hull with a blunt bow, high sides, and a wide stance increase the payload to double that of similar boats. The 22 ft. model has a 4,000 lbs./1,800 kg. payload and the 32 ft. model has an impressive 7,500 lbs./3,401 kg. payload. Its wide hull and 36-inch tall sides provide more stability and comfort for working over the sides than a Jon boat or a flat bottom boat.

Platform workboat

Platform Workboat

The ELASTEC Utility Service Boat is manufactured at our Carmi, Illinois USA facility. Its rugged design allows for this versatile barge to perform a variety of waterway maintenance and marina tasks. This vessel requires minimal upkeep as it has few moving parts and its propulsion is provided by a single outboard. Custom deck arrangements are available per your design or project specifications.

Filterbelt oil skimmer boat

Kvichak / MARCO FilterBelt Boat

The Kvichak / MARCO FilterBelt boat is a rapid response oil skimming vessel that can operate in protected waters such as ports, harbors and inland environments. The lightweight construction allows this boat to rapidly arrive on scene and immediately start cleanup operations. The boat incorporates an advancing filterbelt skimmer that enables the boat to skim oil with high efficiency while moving.

Rozema oil spill response vessel

Rozema Oil Spill Response Vessel

The Rozema 47 is the latest high-speed, high-volume oil spill response vessel available with Elastec’s award-winning, breakthrough grooved disc skimming technology. Equipped with dual inboard Elastec X30 cassettes, the Rozema 47 ft / 14 m is a fully functional, multi-purpose emergency oil spill response boat capable of recovering 260 gal of oil per minute / 60 cu m/hour) with a 90% recovery efficiency. The boat stands apart with its bollard pull of 20,000 lbs / 9,072 kg and high speed (26 knots) capabilities.

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