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Work Boats

Elastec’s aluminum work boats are stewards of the waterways. From skimming oil to skimming trash and debris, they are keeping our waterways clean. We manufacture a range of boats from multi-purpose to landing craft and customized oil spill response vessels. We are proud of our skilled AWS qualified welders and our ISO 9001:2015 accredited manufacturing facilities. Elastec’s boat line includes the Omni Catamaran marina maintenance vessel, Rozema OSRV (Oil Spill Response Vessel), Elastec Kvichak/MARCO Filterbelt oil spill skimmer vessel and aluminum landing craft. The NEW Inlander river utility boat is coming soon. Read more in Marine News.

LAUNCHING SOON! – The NEW Elastec Inlander

Designed for oil spill response, search and rescue, construction projects, and a variety of waterway tasks, the Elastec Inlander Boat & Barge is a work horse on the waterways. Built like a strong, muscular draft horse, the Inlander’s cargo capacity (4,000 lbs / 1,814 kg) hauls heavy response equipment quickly and safely. Its rectangular straight sheer, shallow draft, modified V-hull allows it to be harnessed together with other Inlanders to form various configurations of work platforms.

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