Elastec manufactures vacuum systems for industrial, municipal, and oil spill cleanup. Easy to tow and maneuver in congested workspaces, these rugged vacuum systems are purpose-built to clean up oil, liquids, solids, and sludge. Our trailer mounted vacuum systems are designed to go where large vacuum trucks can’t, and for jobs where vac trucks are not cost-effective. Read our FAQ.

PACS vacuum trailer card

PACS Vacuum Trailer

Municipal vacuum trailer card

Municipal Vacuum Trailer

MiniVac vacuum system card


All-terrain vacuum system card

All-Terrain Vac

DrumIt vacuum drum head card


Elastec Hopper card

Vacuum Hopper

PACS vacuum trailer

PACS Vacuum Trailer

The rugged, trailer mounted PACS vacuum system is purpose-built for removing oil, liquids, solids, and sludge from reclaim pits, catch basins, wastewater lagoons, tank cars, and oil sites. It is available in a variety of blower and vane configurations. It is approved for highway towing (NATM) and can be pulled with a pickup truck, fork truck, or tractor.

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PACS 2000 Vacuum System

The ELASTEC PACS Municipal Vacuum Trailers are extremely durable, easy to use vacuum trailer systems designed for municipal use. Two models of the PACS Municipal Vacuum Trailer (PACS 920 and the PACS 2000) are currently available. The center-mounted controls enable operation from both sides of the unit to keep workers away from traffic. The optional boom arm and water jetter allow for potholing and hydro-excavation jobs.

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PACS 2000 vacuum trailer
Elastec mini vacuum system

Elastec MiniVac

The Elastec MiniVac is a compact portable vacuum system designed for recovering liquids, oils and sludge with solids up to 2 inch / 50 mm diameter in remote or congested workspaces. MiniVac systems include a diesel or an electric motor, DrumIt drum-top head and suction wand. Optional Vacuum Hopper and All Terrain Vacuum tank for storage are also available.

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All-Terrain Vacuum System

The Elastec All-Terrain Vacuum System is a high-powered vacuum that is mounted on an ATV towable chassis. This unique system combines powerful vacuum abilities with the versatility of ATV vehicles. The All Terrain Vacuum System can go places that are not accessible by vacuum trucks. The wheels and tow bar can be removed so that the unit will sit on the bed of trucks. A retractable tow bar can be supplied with ball or pintle hitch. Tracks for the wheels are optional. The unit is ideal for working in remote areas such as beaches, pipelines, and industrial locations.

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All-terrain vacuum system
Drumit vacuum drum head


DrumIt is a drum-top vacuum head that attaches to a 55 gallon drum allowing liquids and wet solids to be intercepted and stored. It features an automatic shut off and adjustable vacuum relief valve. A ball lifts in the sight glass to indicate when the drum is full. DrumIt fills each drum to a consistent level every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of vacuum pump do I need, Positive Displacement or Rotary Vane?
Our positive displacement vacuum pump is good for moving solids. These pumps typically run 14 to 16 Hg and move more air than the Rotary Vane. The air carries the solids to the tank. The Rotary Vane vacuum pump is good for moving liquids. They typically move less air but have a higher vacuum up to 27 Hg.

Do you have a unit that is good for hydro excavation?
Yes, the PACS 2000 and the PACS 920 have a optional 5 GPM 3000 PSI power washer that works well with the vacuum system for hydro excavation.

Do you have a vacuum unit that is good for moving liquids?
Yes, the PACS 424 has a vane pump and is good to 27 Hg and can pressure unload up to 15 PSI.

Where to buy an Elastec vacuum unit?
You can purchase a vacuum unit from our authorized dealer in your area. If there is no dealer in your area you can purchase straight from the factory.

Is there a lot of maintenance to do on an Elastec vacuum trailer?
There is very little maintenance to do:

  • Check engine oil regularly
  • Check air cleaner regularly
  • Check hydraulic oil level regularly
  • Check oil in blower or vacuum pump regularly
  • Clean sight glasses as needed
  • Open drain valves on moisture trap regularly
  • Change oils and filters per specifications
  • Apply grease at grease points regularly
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