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Drug Terminator

The Elastec Drug Terminator is a portable incinerator for the on-site disposal of evidence property and community take-back programs. Law enforcement agencies, military installations and medical facilities can destroy drugs by injecting them into a cyclone of fire with the Drug Terminator's patented Easy-Feed Cartridge. Read our FAQ.

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In addition to drugs, the Drug Terminator also burns other non-hazardous substances such as documents, plants, food, and lab materials with minimal environmental impact. Non-combustibles, such as syringes and sharps, are sterilized and can be safely disposed in accordance with municipal waste requirements.

More efficient than open barrel burning, the intense heat creates a clean, smoke-free burn disintegrating the discarded materials into an average of 1% to 3% ash residue. The drug disposal incinerator assembly is easily moved from one location to another on a dolly-like cart.

The incinerator attaches to a removable head or “open-end” drum as specified by ISO Standards. The measurement of this drum type is standard internationally. ISO 15750, published in 2002, traditionally identifies this drum as being 55 American Gallon.

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  • Compact and easy-to-use
  • For law enforcement, military installations, and medical facilities
  • Easy-Feed Cartridge

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Drug Terminator Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this where I am located?
The Drug Terminator is exempt in several states and used across the country. However, it is always best to check with local authorities prior to purchase.

What can I burn in the unit?
Narcotics, pharmaceuticals, paraphernalia, clothing, most evidence, documents, etc.

How much does it burn?
The Drug Terminator is rated at 50lbs/hr but has been known to burn up to 300lbs/hr depending on the type of material being destroyed.

Is there any smoke?
The Drug Terminator releases some smoke when first started but this is only wood or charcoal smoke and therefore harmless. Once it reaches temperature, there should be no smoke or smell released by the unit to affect the operators or bystanders.

Is any PPE required?
Heat resistent gloves and safety glasses are recommended but nothing further should be required.

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