Oil Spill Remediation Equipment

Remediation is the process of removing pollutants from water and returning it to a harmless state. This process is completed through the use of techniques such as, pump and treat, air sparging, dual phase vacuum extraction, and monitoring-well oil skimming. Elastec manufactures equipment that can be used to assist in oil spill remediation operations. Our oil skimmerscontainment boomsturbidity curtainsvacuum systems, and storage tanks can be used in conjunction with other technologies.

Remediation oil skimmer

Pump and Treat Remediation

Pump and treat remediation operations involve pumping ground water to the surface where biological or chemical treatments can be used to remove the impurities. Elastec oil skimmers may be utilized to remove bulk oil from ground water once it has been migrated to the trench or hole, or in temporary holding tanks. The Elastec QuickTank is a complete portable storage solution developed for rapid deployment and temporary storage of liquids.

Elastec pioneered the oleophilic drum oil skimmer in 1990. It is regarded as one of the most efficient oil recovery skimmers in the world. Elastec drum skimmers are easy to operate, lightweight, reliable and efficient, recovering only oil and very little water. Interchangeable drum inserts (smooth, grooved, brush and disc) are available to enhance recovery rates relative to the viscosity of various oils and environments.

Mini Skimmer for oil spill remediation

A small, selective, floating drum oil skimmer driven by a 12V motor, the Elastec Mini Skimmer is ideal for marinas, ponds, streams and small industrial tanks for oil spill remediation operations involving light oils such as lube oil, hydraulic, diesel and sheens. It can be run from a low voltage power source, such as a car battery or plugged into a 110V / 220V outlet. The Mini Skimmer is very quiet and can potentially be connected to a timer or solar panel (not included). Due to its small size and light weight, this small oil skimmer can be deployed in tight locations such as dams, pits and tanks.

Remediation equipment vacuum trailer

Dual Phase Vacuum Extraction

Dual-phase vacuum extraction (DPVE), also known as multi-phase extraction uses a vacuum system to remove both contaminated groundwater and soil vapor. Elastec’s PACS vacuum systems can pull high levels of vacuum on ground wells for long periods of time.

The rugged, trailer mounted PACS vacuum system is purpose-built for removing oil, liquids, solids, and sludge from reclaim pits, catch basins, wastewater lagoons, tank cars, and oil sites. It is available in a variety of blower and vane configurations. It is approved for highway towing (NATM) and can be pulled with a pickup truck.

For operations near water, Elastec’s line of turbidity curtains can be used to contain the area and keep polluted soil from contaminating waterways. We offer Type I, II, and III turbidity curtains depending on your project.

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