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Fastwater Oil Spill Response

Fastwater oil spill solutions can be challenging. Without the proper tools, spilled oil can quickly move downstream and contaminate miles of banks and waterways. The Elastec BoomVane™, Circus Skimmer and Rapid River Response system are just a few of the unique and patented technologies that work in fast moving waters. The new X150 skimmer is able to encounter and process oil in advancing and stationary modes. OptiMax 6 x 6 in river boom is easily deployed with the BoomVane™ and eliminates a web of ropes and vessels.

  • Landing Craft Card
    Aluminum Landing Craft

    These work boats are often used for fast response – oil spill response, rescue, fire-fighting or transport. They can be fitted with a choice of outboard motors. The proven hull form can carry a range of loads and offers a large deck area combined with a bow ramp for ease of loading equipment from the shore.

  • Boomvane

    BoomVane™ is a welcome advancement in oil spill cleanup technology, simplifying the challenges of boom deployment in fast water and from advancing vessel systems. It combines the science of sailing and the art of flying a kite, powered only by the water’s current. Elastec holds multiple international patents for the original BoomVane.

  • Circus Skimmer Card
    Circus Skimmer

    Available Interchangeable Circus Skimmer Configurations Circus Skimmer with Suction Weir Circus skimmer with self-adjusting weir skimmer positioned centrally in the oil collection chamber. 2 inch connection for external suction pump or vacuum system (sold separately). Circus Skimmer with E150 Pump Weir Circus skimmer with self-adjusting weir skimmer positioned centrally in the oil collection chamber with […]

  • Optimax card

    The Elastec line of OptiMax containment boom is ideal for controlling oil and debris in rivers, estuaries, ports, and harbors.It features a high-buoyancy reserve provided by stable, closed-cell foam log floats. OptiMax conforms to the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 for Protected Water and Fast Currents.

  • SwiftWater boom card

    SwiftWater is an oil containment boom suitable for use in streams, rivers, canals, and roadside ditches. SwiftWater is lightweight and easily transported. It is typical for SwiftWater to be carried in the back of trucks and small containers ready for instant deployment. It is fitted with a cylindrical closed cell foam float, top tensions cable and galvanized ballast chain.

  • Rapid River Response System card
    R3S – Rapid River Response System

    The Rapid River Response System (R3S) is an effective oil spill recovery solution for wide, fast, shallow and remote rivers. The R3S maximizes oil recovery and system mobility, and minimizes labor and logistical support.

  • Trailers and Containers Card
    Spill Response Trailers

    Oil Spill Response Trailer Contents All spill response trailers can be customized to include the equipment required by your Oil Spill Response Plan. The following is a list of some of the typical contents that can be included. Enclosed Trailer Elastec BoomVane QuickTank Storage Tank OptiMax Boom Cargo Net Discharge Hose Submersible Pump Anchor System […]

  • Specialized Vehicles Card
    Specialized Vehicles

    For oil spill response in remote and difficult to reach locations, Elastec offers a line of multi-purpose all-terrain vehicles. These specialized vehicles can be used to carry equipment or outfitted to serve as hydraulic power to operate oil skimmers and other equipment.

  • X150 Card
    X150 Skimmer

    The X150 Oil Skimmer offers Elastec’s revolutionary grooved disc technology and is designed for recovering high volumes of oil in open water and river operations. The X150 model has ten grooved discs offering a high oil encounter rate, matching pump performance and high throughput efficiency. Tested at Ohmsett test facility according to ASTM F2709, the X150 has an oil recovery rate (ORR) of 660 gallons per minute (150 cu. m per hour).

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