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Circus Skimmer

The Circus Skimmer is an in-line oil skimmer that is coupled with oil boom and harnesses water flow to separate oil and water. The Circus Skimmer was designed for oil spill response in rivers, waterways and other fast water environments. It has a circular chamber that accumulates the oil and allows the water to exit the bottom. The Circus Oil Skimmer can be deployed in conjunction with a BoomVane™ (optional extra) which will pull the oil boom into the river.

This lightweight skimmer can be deployed by two men and is readily transported in small vehicles. Once the oil naturally collects in the Circus chamber it can be sucked out by external pumps or vacuum systems, etc. The central self-adjusting weir skimmer adds another level of oil and water separation. The Circus Oil Skimmer was tested at Ohmsett (an independent test facility) and it was able to recover 90% of oil at 2 knots.

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  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Can be used with a BoomVane
  • Designed for oil spill response in calm moving water
  • Uses river current

Circus Skimmer Photos

Circus Skimmer Video

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