The Elastec All-Terrain Vacuum System is a high-powered vacuum that is mounted on an ATV towable chassis. This unique system combines powerful vacuum abilities with the versatility of ATV vehicles. The All Terrain Vacuum System can go places that are not accessible by vacuum trucks. The wheels and tow bar can be removed so that the unit will sit on the bed of trucks. A retractable tow bar can be supplied with ball or pintle hitch. Tracks for the wheels are optional. The unit is ideal for working in remote areas such as beaches, pipelines, and industrial locations.

The All Terrain Vac can recover a wide range of liquids, oils and sludge with solids up to 2 inch / 50 mm diameter. The diesel driven vacuum pump quickly generates suction and high air flow. Oils are recovered into standard oil drums, towable tank or our hopper device. The DrumIt vacuum head is supplied with the system; it shuts off suction when the drum is full and allows the operator to control the amount of vacuum.

The epoxy painted steel frame is fitted with central lift point and incorporates an electric start diesel motor, driving a vacuum pump. The vacuum system is fitted with safety relief valve, cyclonic separator and exhaust. A clutch is fitted to allow the pump to be disengaged for starting and shut down.

This vacuum tank is designed for cleanup operations in remote locations or where smaller quantities of liquids need to be recovered. It can be used with the Elastec MiniVac, All Terrain Vac or other vacuum pumps.

The low center of gravity and weight means it can be towed by most larger ATV and utility vehicles off road. Optional tracks can be added for soft ground, snow or sand. The tank can be removed from the chassis allowing the chassis to be used as a trailer for other equipment such as diesel hydraulic power units.

Vacuum Tank Capacity: 110 gal / 378 L, fully welded aluminum construction. Full Opening Doors on both ends, two sight glasses for level indication. Automatic shut-off with bypass valve to control vacuum.

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