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Trash and Debris Boom

Elastec's line of floating trash and debris boom is designed to contain or exclude floatables. Whether you are trying to stop debris in waterways or protect beaches from invasive aquatic plants, we can provide a solution that works for you. American Marine, a division of Elastec, has been manufacturing quality products since 1967.

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Floating trash and debris boom

Floating Debris Boom Applications

Elastec floating trash and debris boom is manufactured with high-quality, durable fabrics or corrugated double-walled HDPE. Our line includes models designed to contain debris from small amounts of trash to large logs. Our floating booms can be used in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, water intakes, the open ocean and around docks. Our designs have been proven over the years and are known for their durability.

We Manufacture Barriers for Floating Trash, Plant & Debris Containment:

  • Trash and Debris Booms
  • Log & Timber Barriers
  • Seaweed Booms and Barriers
  • Duckweed Control Booms
  • Hyacinth Booms
  • Demarcation Barriers
  • Security Barriers
  • Water Intake Protection Booms
  • Swimming Barriers
  • Environmental Protection Barriers
Aquatic plant and Sargassum barrier

What Types of Floating Trash Can Our Barriers Contain?

Stormwater runoff from ditches and streams can carry floating trash and debris with it to rivers and the ocean. Our containment boom is designed for long-term and short term control of floatables. It has been tested and deployed for use in strong currents and in permanent installations near docks or in harbors and protected waterways including Sargassum and seaweed containment and deflection.

Common Items Contained by Floating Boom:

“We purchased a floating baffle from Elastec for one of our wastewater treatment lagoons. We cannot tell you how impressed we were regarding the ease of installation. What I expected a week to accomplish was completed in only two days.”

Rick K.

“PermaFence was installed last summer and survived the winter in wind and ice 24”-30” thick.”

Duane B.

“Your containment boom is the perfect device to contain cranberries for harvest. We love your product.”

Dawn R.

“I am pleased to confirm that your boom did a great job collecting plastic bottles, twigs and other floating debris. Thank you again for your cooperation in providing this equipment and training our staff with its use.”

E. Martin

“The seaweed was stacked in the water 20 ft. from shore to beach. The swim area is now free of seaweed for swimming and snorkeling. Thank you.”

Doug P.

"After installing an Elastec Simplex Boom the moss and pond weed problem was reduced to no more than nuisance amounts. This works so well that we ordered three more booms for this season to be installed in our canal system."

B. Lehman

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