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Brute Boom

The Elastec Brute Boom is a heavy duty debris containment boom (specifications) for surface and submerged trash, litter, natural debris and large floating objects in rivers, reservoirs, oceans and lakes. Brute Boom’s larger diameter float designs (18 inch / 0.4 m and 24 inch / 0.6 m) provide increased freeboard for optimal surface debris capture and visibility. The floats are coupled with rugged log connection hardware with a 4.75 ton working load limit (WLL). The heavy duty boom has been tested to a breaking strength of 60,000 lb / 27,216 kg. The system is engineered to maintain reserve buoyancy, even while supporting the optional debris screens.

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In 1967, American Marine, a division of Elastec, was established to help control water pollution with oil containment boom, fire boom, debris booms, turbidity curtains and quick-connect systems. The connection system survives as one of two industry standards today.

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Brute Boom logs are available in 10 ft / 3m and 20 ft / 6m lengths and in 18 inch (16 inch sustainable freeboard) and 24 inch (22 inch sustainable free board) diameters. The cost per foot decreases significantly for 20 ft logs providing a more economical and efficient system. Galvanized and Stainless steel mesh panels, fabric net/mesh and custom-designed debris screens are also available in 10 ft and 20 ft lengths. Screen depth sizes can be customized based upon project requirements.

Standard Brute Boom log

Standard Brute Boom Log

Optional Brute Boom debris screen

Optional Brute Boom Debris Screen

Brute Boom optional fabric net

Optional Brute Boom Fabric Net

  • Corrugated Double Walled HDPE
  • Closed Cell Foam
  • Heavy Duty Connectors
  • 60,000 lb / 27,216 kg Breaking Strength
  • High Load Bearing Steel Beam
  • Durable Aluminum Signage
  • Options: Brute Backer, Debris Screens, Anchor Systems, Solar Lights, Mooring Buoys

Brute Boom Photos

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The flotation log is a corrugated, high density, double-walled, UV resistant HDPE. The galvanized steel ballast beam intensifies horizontal and vertical strength for increased debris and water current loads. Closed cell expanded polystyrene foam filling maintains buoyancy even if HDPE outer shell is compromised.

Brute Boom floating debris boom cutout and details


Composed of galvanized or Stainless steel and designed for marine environments, the Brute Boom connector shackles have a 4.75 ton working load limit (WLL) and are built to withstand heavy debris loads and continuous current velocities. The shackle bolt and nut are secured by a corrosion resistant Stainless steel cotter pin.

Galvanized stainless steel shackle


The Brute Backer is a shield made of heavy weight industrial belting to mitigate floating debris loss between float log joints. The Brute Backer’s durable construction will provide years of reliable service while maintaining flexure.

Brute Backer pic


The corrugated HDPE barrier standard color is black providing 10+ years of UV protection. Orange and yellow colors are also available with minimum quantities with 8+ years of UV protection.


Durable aluminum signage with routed lettering provides high-contrast visibility for warning messages.

Brute Boom restriction barrier signage

Brute Boom Debris Containment Boom Specifications

Model10 ft BruteBoom20 ft BruteBoom
Flotation LogHigh density, double-walled, UV resistant HDPE with internal closed cell foamHigh density, double-walled, UV resistant HDPE with internal closed cell foam
Flotation Diameter18 inch / 0.4 m and 24 inch / 0.6 m18 inch / 0.4 m and 24 inch / 0.6 m
BallastInternal galvanized steel beamInternal galvanized steel beam
ColorsBlack (other colors available with minimum order)Black (other colors available with minimum order)
Weight165 lb / 75 kg - w/screen 255 lb / 116 kg270 lb / 122 kg - w/screen 420 lb / 204 kg
Length136 inch / 3.45 m234 inch / 5.94 m
Buoyancy897 lb / 409 kg1,655 lb / 755 kg
Draft2 inches / 5 cm2 inches / 5 cm
Working Load Limit4.75 ton4.75 ton
Lifting EyesN/ATwo per 20 ft section

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