Equipment For Gold, Bauxite and Copper Mining

Mines by their very nature are large consumers of energy and fuel. Large quantities of diesel are used for earth moving machinery, process plants may consume oils for heating and drying. All this may lead to spills from machinery and loading facilities, docks and terminals. Gold, Bauxite and Copper mines all use Elastec equipment.

Our oil skimmers have been effective in copper mining operations to recover organic oils from acid ponds. Our containment boom can be used to control any spills that result from fuel and oil transfers. Vacuum trailers can recover spills on the ground.

Oil skimmer for mines

Elastec MiniMax CRX

The Elastec MiniMax CRX oil skimmer is an upgraded version of our standard MiniMax and has been employed in copper mines in Chile, Mexico, Africa, and Laos. It has been applied extensively by the copper mining industry for recovery of valuable organic oils from acid ponds. The highly corrosive nature of the ponds requires the skimmer to be serviced at regular intervals, however, the payback in terms of recovered oil and diminished fire hazard far outweighs the running cost. The running cost, efficiency and recovery rate of the drum design is superior to other types of skimmers including weir and mop.

Containment boom for mining

Oil Containment Boom For Mines

We have been manufacturing quality oil containment boom since 1967 through our acquisition of American Marine. Standard models of our boom are always in stock and custom boom can be manufactured to meet the specific needs of your mining operation. The Elastec Flexibelt is a unique spring-loaded boom designed to be used by ships during oil and fuel transfers.

Containment boom for mining
Vacuum trailer for mines

Vacuum Systems For Mines

Elastec manufactures vacuum systems for industrial and mining oil spill cleanup. Our systems range from the small MiniVac to our larger PACS vacuum trailer. The All-Terrain Vacuum can go to remote locations that are not accessible by vacuum trucks. The wheels and tow bar can be removed so that the unit will sit on the bed of trucks. A retractable tow bar can be supplied with ball or pintle hitch. Tracks for the wheels are optional.

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