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Aquatic Weed Control

Elastec booms are designed for the control and containment of invasive aquatic plant life such as sargassum, seaweed, duckweed and hyacinth. We have in-stock boom or we can custom-build barriers to blend aesthetically with the location while maintaining a sensitivity to the surrounding marine environment.

Floatation logs, skirt depths, materials, and anchoring systems can be designed to accommodate various water depths and conditions, the duration of use, and type of plant and to be contained. Read how our containment boom stopped trash and debris on a residential waterfront.

  • Elastec Beach Bouncer
    Beach Bouncer

    The Elastec Beach Bouncer is a boom designed to deflect Sargassum, seagrass, and other invasive aquatic seaweeds to protect beaches, tourism, and marine life. It is also useful to control floating trash and debris. American Marine, a division of Elastec, has been manufacturing quality floating boom and barrier products since 1967.

  • Beach Bouncer XT Card image
    Beach Bouncer XT

    The ELASTEC Beach Bouncer XT is a heavy duty boom designed to deflect Sargassum, seagrass, and other invasive aquatic seaweeds to protect beaches, tourism, and marine life. It is also useful to control floating trash and debris. The large diameter float designs (18 inch / 0.4 m and 24 inch / 0.6 m) provide increased freeboard for optimal surface debris capture and visibility.

  • PermaFence

    The PermaFence containment boom is designed for permanent installations and minimum maintenance. This heavy-duty boom is capable of withstanding long-term deployments and the arduous conditions of permanent installations. Our specially molded foam filled floats have a unique design that greatly enhances the impact resistance while providing high buoyancy reserve.

  • Elastec Jenson Lake Mower card
    Jenson Lake Mower

    The Jenson Lake Mower™ is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, mechanical aquatic weed control tool. The proven Jenson Lake Mower™ is the premier lake weed cutter on the market today.

  • Custom mesh boom card
    Custom Mesh Boom

    This Custom Mesh Boom is a seaweed control barrier that consists of a heavy duty coated mesh barrier supported by molded hard floats. It features a stainless steel load carrying cable and ballast at the bottom of the skirt. This construction allows for ready servicing of the field with easy replacement of the floats or base fabric.

OptiMax boom keeps dock free of floating debris

Residential floating debris containment boomA resident in Michigan had a problem. Dead fish, seaweed and large floating debris was invading her waterfront area. The look and smell were awful. Efforts to keep areas around homes on the water previously involved using blowers to try to push the debris further out with little success. The homeowner felt that there must be a better solution.

To find that solution, she turned to the Internet. After searching for boom or containment systems for holding back debris she found Elastec. The homeowner said that Elastec and its line of debris containment boom really stood out. After consulting a sales representative, the homeowner purchased Optimax 1 containment boom and installed it around the residential waterfront.

She reports that the boom is doing an excellent job of keeping the seaweed, dead fish and floating debris away from her dock. She says that seaweed is already starting to show up this year but that thanks to Optimax her water is clean and beautiful.

“Seaweed, dead fish, and large debris (logs) is kept out of my area. My water looks beautiful.”

-Rhonda from Michigan

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