Solutions for Palm Oil, Vegetable Oil, Cooking Oil & Food Manufacturing

Elastec manufactures a wide range of equipment for petroleum based oil spills however our equipment is also suited for solving situations with palm, olive, vegetable oil, cooking oils and food manufacturing industries. For every metric tonne of palm oil produced, 2.5 metric tonnes of effluent are generated from processing the palm oil in mills. Direct release of this effluent can cause freshwater pollution, which can affect downstream biodiversity and people.

Our MiniMax skimmer has been engineered to work with the conditions found in palm oil waste pits. A food grade version of our MiniMax skimmer is widely used in the food production industries collecting and clearing tanks of waste oils. The skimmer is unpainted to prevent any possible contamination.


Our drum skimmers can recover potential spills at marine oil terminals whilst our vacuum equipment (PACs and MiniVac) is used in factories for sucking out and cleaning tanks, drains and pits. The PACS vacuum trailer is currently employed cleaning fish oil processing tanks.

We can provide oil containment booms for providing protection during loading at marine terminals handling palm, castor, grape seed, olive, soya bean, sunflower oils.

TDS118 drum skimmer

Drum Skimmers

Elastec pioneered the oleophilic drum oil skimmer in 1990. It is regarded as one of the most efficient oil recovery skimmers in the world. Elastec drum skimmers are easy to operate, lightweight, reliable and efficient, recovering only oil and very little water.

Palm oil vacuum system

Vacuum Systems

Elastec manufactures vacuum systems that are ideal for palm oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, cooking & food manufacturing waste cleanup. Easy to tow and maneuver in congested work spaces, these rugged vacuum systems are purpose-built to clean up oil, liquids, solids, and sludge. Our trailer mounted vacuum systems are designed to go where large vacuum trucks can’t, and for jobs where vac trucks are not cost effective.

Palm oil vacuum system
Palm oil boom

Floating Boom & Barriers

Since 1967, Elastec has manufactured floating booms and barriers through its acquisition of American Marine in Cocoa, Florida. Our boom can contain a wide range of oils including palm and vegetable.

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