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Offshore Oil Spill Response

From the Exxon Valdez oil spill incident in 1989 to the Deepwater Horizon blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, Elastec’s offshore oil spill response equipment has expanded from high-performance fire booms to include precision dispersant systems and mechanical skimming operations.

  • X Launcher Card
    X150 Skimmer Launching System

    The Elastec X150 Skimmer Launching System is a revolutionary turnkey operation for deploying and retrieving the X150 Skimmer in offshore, nearshore and open water situations. The system is wirelessly remote controlled and includes the launcher, the X150 skimmer, boom and reel, BoomVane™, power unit and integrated hydraulics with internal umbilical. The complete system fits into a 20ft High Cube container for rapid global shipment.

  • 2m BoomVane
    2m BoomVane™

    The 2m BoomVane™ is designed for coastal and offshore vessel operations towing medium to large oil booms with advancing containment and recovery systems. It enables a single vessel to operate a wide swath sweep with offshore oil booms in various modes and configurations.

  • ElaSpray Card

    ElaSpray is a portable dispersant spraying system for oil spill response operations. It is designed for easy installation on tugboats and other types of vessels. The system contains a compact diesel engine driven pump for spraying diluted or neat dispersant.

  • Elastec American Fireboom
    Fire Boom

    In the summer of 2010, we supported the controlled burn effort in the Gulf of Mexico to minimize the impact from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Several models of fire resistant oil boom were deployed in the early stages of the in-situ burning operation. Elastec American Fireboom and Hydro-Fire® Boom were responsible for the longest continuous burns and for eliminating the largest amount of oil from the marine environment. American Fireboom is constructed of fire-resistant ceramic materials.

  • Magnum 100
    Magnum 100

    Magnum100 Oil Skimmer Specifications *Tested at Ohmsett test facility according to ASTM F2709. Nameplate capacity verified by the U.S. Coast Guard. Magnum 100 Oil Skimmer Diesel Hydraulic Configurations Magnum 100 (smooth or grooved drum) with D10 Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack and E150 submersible transfer pump. Magnum 100 (smooth or grooved drum) with D22 Power Pack […]

  • Magnum 200
    Magnum 200

    Magnum200 Oil Skimmer Specifications Magnum 200 Diesel Hydraulic Configurations Magnum 200 (smooth or grooved drum) with D22 Power Pack and ES400 helical screw submersible transfer pump. Electric Hydraulic Configurations Skimmer with electric hydraulic power pack The electric motor drives a hydraulic pump ( power pack ) which in turn provides hydraulic oil under pressure to […]

  • NeatSweep Card

    The patented Elastec NeatSweep® is a precision dispersant application system that targets oil by funneling it into the Dispersant Application Zone (DAZ) where it is applied neat (undiluted). By adding an Elastec BoomVane™, this innovative system can also be operated with a single vessel.

  • Rubbermax card

    The RubberMax inflatable oil spill containment boom is manufactured from vulcanized Nitrite with two plies of reinforcing fabric. The black fabric is capable of withstanding degradation from sun, sea, and oil. It lays flat when stowed, optimizing storage space. RubberMax is designed with high buoyancy to weight ratio, providing the boom with excellent wave riding and oil retention characteristics.

  • SeaSkater Card
    Weir Skimmers

    Weir skimmers operate by taking the surface layer off the water. Oil flows into the central hopper where it's pumped to storage. The weirs fitted in our Skater lineup are self-adjusting. The depth of the cut can be adjusted by varying the pumping rate. These affordable, high-capacity skimmers can skim any oil that will float and flow over the weir. They may be deployed in rivers, lakes, moon pools, tanks, pits, and lagoons, as well as the open ocean. Their unique design keeps draft to a minimum.

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