Elastec is a world leader in the development and manufacture of fire resistant oil spill boom. In the summer of 2010 we supported the controlled burn operation in the Gulf of Mexico to minimize the impact from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Several models of fire resistant oil containment boom were deployed in the early stages of the insitu burning, two of which (American Fireboom and Hydro-Fire® Boom) are manufactured by Elastec. These booms proved to be the most resilient and were responsible for the longest continuous burns and for immolating the largest amount of oil from the marine environment.

American Fireboom is a first generation product constructed of fire resistant materials and ceramic. Hydro-Fire® Boom, second generation model, is a water-cooled, inflatable fire boom. By the time the Deepwater Horizon well was capped, 411 controlled burns were conducted in the Gulf of Mexico with the majority employing Elastec’s fire booms. Our patented Hydro-Fire® Boom and American Fireboom systems had burns lasting four times longer than the competition’s – some up to 12 hours in duration.

The Elastec Hydro-Fire® Boom holds the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title for the “Longest Continuous Burn of Oil Spill at Sea.”


ProductsNo. of Systems UsedLongest Continuous BurnAvg. Max Barrels Burned
Elastec Hydro-Fire Boom2711hrs 48min5,173
Elastec American Fireboom3711hrs 21min3,916
PyroBoom133hrs 13min1,750
Oil Stop327min28

Our Models Of Fire Resistant Oil Spill Boom

American Fireboom

American Fireboom is a fire resistant oil boom that was originally developed in conjunction with 3M and produced under license. Thousands of feet of this boom have been supplied around the world for insitu burning (ISB) operations. This product is a first generation fire boom using ceramic floats. During the Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico, American Fireboom and Elastec’s Hydro-Fire® Boom were the top two performing ISB systems.

Hydro-Fire® Boom

The Hydro-Fire® Boom is an inflatable, water-cooled system designed for insitu burning (ISB) operations during oil spill response. Elastec Hydro-Fire® Boom holds the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title for the “Longest Continuous Burn of Oil Spill at Sea,” which occurred during the Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico.

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