Responding to inland oil spills presents its challenges. From reaching remote access points on land to working in fast, shallow rivers, Elastec has a varied line of work boats, booms, BoomVanes™, oil skimmers, storage tanks, response trailers and specialized vehicles to tackle rugged terrain and remote locations. Share your response challenge with us, and we’ll help you find a solution.

Oil spill response equipment trailers

Spill Response Trailers

Elastec offers a full range of customizable trailers for storing and transporting oil spill response equipment and accessories. Our oil spill response trailers may be equipped with a side door to give you full access to the equipment and are perfect for storing equipment near control points established in your emergency oil spill response plan. View our list of typical oil spill response trailer contents.

All-terrain vacuum system

All-Terrain Vac

The Elastec All-Terrain Vacuum System is a high powered vacuum that is mounted on an ATV towable chassis. This unique system combines powerful vacuum abilities with the versatility of ATV vehicles. The All Terrain Vacuum System can go places that are simply not accessible by vacuum trucks. The wheels and tow bar can be removed so that the unit will sit on the bed of trucks etc.

Smartash personal incinerator


SmartAsh® cyclonic barrel burner is an innovative portable incinerator that meets EPA requirements for burning non-hazardous refuse. Simply load a 55 gallon (208 liter) open-head steel drum, light the load and clamp on the lid. A whirlwind of fire and intense heat is created inside the drum, burning refuse without smoke or smell. Combustion is complete, leaving 3% ash.

Multi-purpose Crawler Carrier wiht PACS

Specialized Vehicles

For oil spill response in remote and difficult to reach locations, Elastec offers a line of multi-purpose all-terrain vehicles. These specialized vehicles can be used to carry equipment or outfitted to serve as hydraulic power to operate oil skimmers and other equipment.

SuperStream floating debris containment boom


SuperStream is a handy oil spill containment boom suitable for use in streams, canals, roadside ditches and other shallow calm water areas. SuperStream is lightweight and easily transported. It is typical for SuperStream to be carried in the back of trucks and small containers ready for instant deployment. It is fitted with a cylindrical closed cell foam float and galvanized ballast chain.

SuperSwamp containment boom in pond


SuperSwamp boom is a small oil spill containment boom suitable for use in streams, canals, roadside ditches and other shallow calm water areas. It is fitted with a cylindrical closed cell foam float and galvanized ballast chain.

TDS118 skimming oil


The Elastec TDS118 floating drum oil skimmer is available in pneumatic or hydraulic drive for oil spill response or industrial use. Due to its shallow draft and light weight, the TDS118 is ideal for cleanup in creeks, rivers and lakes. It is supplied with either an air or hydraulic motor. For hydraulically driven skimmers we can provide a diesel or electric driven power pack.

MiniMax oil skimmer closeup

Mini Skimmer

A small selective floating drum oil skimmer driven by a 12V motor, the Elastec Mini Skimmer is ideal for marinas, ponds, streams and small industrial tanks for recovering light oils such as lube oil, hydraulic, diesel and sheens. It can be run from a low voltage power source, such as a car battery or plugged into a 110V / 220v outlet.

Oil absorbent pads

Oil Spill Absorbent Booms and Pads

Oil spill absorbents are pads and booms that can be quickly deployed for spill response. They work by picking up and retaining the oil. The used absorbents can be safely burned on-site in the Elastec SmartAsh® cyclonic barrel burner. For small spills, absorbents may be used as the sole cleanup method, while for larger spills, they may be used to clean up residual oil that can not be reached by skimmers. Elastec offers several types of oil spill absorbents. We can also provide custom clean up response kits.

Pillow Tank oil storage

Pillow Tanks

Elastec pillow tanks are collapsible storage containers that provide temporary as well as long term liquid storage. Our pillow tanks can be used for potable (drinking) water, fruit juices, wastewater, oils, and more.

Quick Tank with oil skimmer


QuickTank is an open liquid storage tank with a rigid aluminum frame that is designed for quick and easy assembly. A choice of fabrics and capacities ranging from 500 gal / 1.89 cu m to 8,000 gal / 30 cu m, as well as custom sizes, are available.

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