Elastec pillow tanks are collapsible storage containers that provide temporary as well as long term liquid storage. Our pillow tanks can be used for potable (drinking) water, fruit juices, wastewater, oils, and more.

Standard sizes available are from 200 to 5,000 gallons (757 to 18,928 litres), we can also supply sizes manufactured to your requirement. Any tears or punctures can be repaired utilizing hand held hot air guns, repair fabric and a roller. We can
supply repair kits on request.

Fill/Drain: 2 inch diameter aluminum female thread (NPT) flange

Air Vent Pressure Relief Valve: 1 per tank

Seams: 100% thermal weld – using the latest in hot air and RF welding technology.

Color: Typically black, orange, yellow (dependent on fabric choice)

Fabrics Available: High-Strength XR-5 / 6730, CoolGuard OB24 Ultraviolet, and 22oz PVC

Contact us to discuss your project specifications.

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