Marine Waste, Floating Debris & Aquatic Plant Control Technology

Elastec manufactures technology to help collect and control floating plastic, marine debris, & aquatic plants. Our booms and barriers can be customized to blend aesthetically with the location while maintaining a sensitivity to the surrounding marine environment. They have been proven successful in controlling invasive plant life such as Sargassum, seaweed, duckweed, and hyacinth. Our net booms can help block jellyfish and other marine life and protect desalination plant intakes and cooling water intakes. For floating trash, debris & plastic we offer multiple models of containment boom and marine litter cleanup tech including the Brute Bin.


Marine waste and debris includes floating trash such as plastic and styrofoam. This floating trash enters the water column through discarded roadside litter and combined sewer outfalls. It eventually makes its way into rivers and eventually the ocean. The most common types of waste found in rivers and oceans are plastic bags, nurdles, and other types of plastics including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, and styrofoam. Technology to collect and remove this trash include containment booms and barriers, litter traps like the Elastec Brute Bin and trash skimming vessels like the Omni Catamaran.


Containment booms or barriers can be an effective way to control floating plastic so that it can be collected and recovered. Elastec’s boom is designed for long-term and short term control of floatables. It has been tested and deployed for use in strong currents such as rivers, creeks and streams, and in permanent installations near docks or in harbors and protected waterways.

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Brute Bin litter trap

Brute Bin

Marine debris can be intercepted with litter traps like the Elastec Brute Bin. The purpose of the Elastec Brute Bin is to capture floatables from stormwater conveyances and outfalls before they reach our waterways. In the United States, many Municipal Separate Stormwater Systems (MS4) are installing open water trash capture technologies, such as the Brute Bin, to reduce litter loadings into water.

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Brute Bin litter trap
Omni Catamaran trash skimmer boat

Omni Catamaran

In harbors and protected waterways a trash skimmer boat like the Omni Catamaran may be deployed. Designed to be easily maneuverable in hard to reach areas, the 23 ft skimmer boat has an inverted bow to usher marine waste into its 98 cu ft trash basket. The Omni Catamaran’s interchangeable pod system allows it to be used for a wide variety of marine maintenance duties.

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Elastec booms are designed for the control and containment of invasive aquatic plants and marine life such as sargassum, seaweed, duckweed, hyacinth, jellyfish, and other aquatic animals. Floatation logs, skirt depths, materials, and anchoring systems can be designed to accommodate various water depths and conditions, the duration of use and can be made to maintain a sensitivity to the surrounding environment.

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Beach Bouncer floating barrier

Beach Bouncer

The Elastec Beach Bouncer is a boom designed to deflect Sargassum, seagrass, and other invasive aquatic seaweeds to protect beaches, tourism, and marine life. We also manufacture a heavy-duty version called the Beach Bouncer XT. This boom was invented to keep Sargassum seaweed and other types of marine waste off the beaches and at sea so that it can be carried away with the current.

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Beach Bouncer floating barrier
Floating net barrier

Net Boom

Floating Net Boom is used to control marine trash, debris, and aquatic plants at job sites, intakes, outfalls, and marinas. The use of nets reduces the cost of expensive cleanup programs, provides controlled maintenance and minimizes the impact on the environment. Net booms can also be used as swim curtains at hotels, beaches, and water parks, providing a well maintained, debris-free, protected swim area.

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Elastec Jenson Lake Mower

Jenson Lake Mower by Elastec

The Jenson Lake Mower is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, mechanical aquatic weed control tool. It is a sickle lake weed cutter that enables you to handle lake weed removal at your property as easily as mowing your lawn. Controlling milfoil, hydrilla, cattail, lily pads, and other aquatic weeds becomes a simple task with this electric lake weed cutter. The proven Jenson Lake Mower is the premier lake weed cutter on the market today.

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Elastec Jenson Lake Mower
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