Since 1967, American Marine (acquired by Elastec in 2012) has been the industry leader in designing custom turbidity curtains for silt and sediment control. We can build to your engineering and environmental specifications. Tapered curtains, barge curtains, dive curtains, swim curtains, net curtains, and baffle curtains are a few examples of the custom projects we manufacture.

Deep Curtains: Elastec has proven deep curtain skirt designs to 100 ft depth. We can provide sustainable deep curtain systems for applications where required, such as drinking water reservoirs and pipeline projects.

PermaFence Curtains: For turbidity curtain applications in water containing ice, debris, oil, or long-term, semi-permanent installations, Permafence curtains are a good solution. Permafence curtains offer a strong, heavy duty, algaecide treated belting curtain top with bolt on HDPE foam filled floats.

Barge Curtains: For dredging projects that require the curtain to move, or for projects that require very localized containment of sediment, we offer barge curtains. These curtains can be floating or cable-attached to the dredging barge and variably deployed to needed depths of coverage.

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“We received the barrier manufactured to our specifications, right when we needed it and the way that the system was assembled made installation a snap.”

Jeffrey P.

“Recently I was observing the waves onsite crashing against the shoreline – the winds were so strong they were blowing our plastic covers about; however, the turbidity curtain remained intact and during dredging operations, there was no visible notice of turbidity outside of the curtain! It performed like a champ!”

E. Charles

“Thank you all very much for your help! I hope to work with you again in the future!”

Nicole M.


In order that we may recommend the best Turbidity Curtain for your project, please provide the following information. If the flow rate is high, Elastec can provide modeling data to determine anchor spacing and feasibility of systems.

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