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The Elastec MiniVac is a compact portable vacuum system designed for recovering liquids, oils and sludge with solids up to 2 inch / 50 mm diameter in remote or congested workspaces. MiniVac systems include a diesel or an electric motor, DrumIt drum-top head and suction wand. Optional Vacuum Hopper and All Terrain Vacuum tank for storage are also available.

Minivac I

The MiniVac oil sludge drum vacuum system is powered by a quiet running 20 hp / 15 kW water-cooled diesel engine fitted with electric start and spark arrestor. The powerful blower generates high air flow to convey liquids through long lengths of hoses. Material, inluding oily sludge, recovered by MiniVac is deposited into common open head drums (55 gal / 205 L) by means of an in-line DrumIt system.

Skid mounted electric MiniVacMinivac electric

The electrically driven Minivac is a high-powered system that is skid mounted with fork pockets (optional wheels are available on request) that is designed for industrial locations where a power source is available. The electrically driven Minivac vacuum system can recover a wide range of liquids, oils and sludge.

The vacuum pump quickly generates suction and high airflow while liquids and solids are recovered into standard oil drums or our hopper device (optional extra.)

Minivac II

MiniVac II is a portable vacuum system that offers powerful vacuum abilities and mobility. The MiniVac II can go places that are simply not accessible by vacuum trucks. The wheels and handles can be removed so that it will sit in the bed of trucks.

Elastec MiniVac III

The ELASTEC MiniVac III can generate high levels of air flow and vacuum due to the vane pump design, making it ideal for working in industrial locations. The vacuum can be applied to our optional Hopper system or alternative suitable vacuum vessels.

This vacuum system is good for cleaning liquids, wet solids, grit, sludge from tanks, sumps and pits.

Note: Not for dust or hazardous applications.

The vacuum system comes complete with Drumit vacuum head, suction hoses, and suction wand. See configurations.

How the system works.

Optional extras: ATV wheels and tracks, 110 gal / 410 L vacuum tank, hopper, spares kit, high pressure water pump.

Contact us to learn more.

  • Works well for beaches, pipelines and industrial locations
  • Can recover a wide range of liquids, oils and sludges
  • Comes with vacuum head, suction hoses and suction wand

MiniVac Photos

MiniVac Video

Elastec MiniVac Configurations

MiniVac with Drumit

This is our standard setup for the handling and transport of recovered liquids, oils, and sludge in 55 gallon drums.

MiniVac Drumit configuration

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MiniVac with Hopper

The Hopper is an optional device that may be used in conjunction with the MiniVac. It can withstand the full levels of vacuum that the MiniVac generates. Recovered liquids are dumped into drums or other containers that are placed below the hopper.

MiniVac Hopper configuration

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MiniVac with tank

Where mobility is required, a towable vacuum tank is available. This 110 gal. tank has a low center of gravity and can be towed by most all-terrain utility vehicles. It is suitable for off-road use and the walking beam suspension allows the unit to go places where trucks cannot. Optional tracks can be fitted to the tank for use on soft ground, sand, or snow. The tank can withstand the high levels of airflow and vacuum the MiniVac generates.

MiniVac tank configuration

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All-Terrain Vac with tank

The All-Terrain Vacuum System is mounted on ATV tires, or optional treads, with walking beam suspension and tow bar. Both units can be pulled behind most utility vehicles.

All-terrain vacuum system with tank

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Trailer mounted MiniVac and tank

The MiniVac and 110 gal. tank can be mounted together on a standard trailer. This configuration is ideal for applications where there is vehicle access.

Trailer mounted MiniVac and tank

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How the vacuum system works

How the vacuum system works

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