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Elastec Workshops

Valuable Training, Informative Presentations

Elastec offers annual workshops that give oil spill responders a chance to train with equipment, learn new techniques and listen to presentations by industry professionals. These workshops can be an invaluable resource for responders. They receive hands-on training with boats, containment boom, BoomVanes, oil skimmers, boom repair and more. Space is limited and always fills up quickly.

Inland oil spill workshop graphic

Elastec Inland Oil Spill Workshop

Elastec is planning its 6th annual Oil Spill Workshop to be held October 1-3, 2018 in Carmi, Illinois and New Harmony, Indiana. The theme is RIVER SPILL! The purpose of the workshop is for participants to experience equipment in on-water exercises and to learn inland response tactics from experienced industry experts. Our workshops appeal to new and seasoned oil spill responders, emergency service organizations and first responder firefighters.


Offshore oil spill workshop graphic

Elastec Offshore Workshop

Elastec has had numerous requests to have offshore classroom presentations and hands-on exercises covering mechanical skimmer systems, dispersant applications and controlled burning simulations. The cost for Elastec to host an offshore workshop translates into an estimated registration price of approximately $3,000 per person. Travel, lodging and some meals would be additional. Are you interested?


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