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Pipeline Oil Spill Response

Oil is transported through pipelines all over the world. Safety is the pipeline industry’s number one priority, which is why most pipeline environmental managers prefer Elastec oil spill recovery equipment. From inland to subsea environments, Elastec manufactures reliable and ready oil spill equipment for crude oil and refined petroleum pipeline response.

  • Oil absorbent pads card
    Oil Spill Absorbent Booms and Pads

    Oil spill absorbents are pads and booms that can be quickly deployed for spill response. They work by picking up and retaining the oil. The used absorbents can be safely burned on-site in the Elastec SmartAsh® cyclonic barrel burner. For small spills, absorbents may be used as the sole cleanup method, while for larger spills, they may be used to clean up residual oil that can not be reached by skimmers. Elastec offers several types of oil spill absorbents. We can also provide custom clean up response kits.

  • Boomvane

    BoomVane™ is a welcome advancement in oil spill cleanup technology, simplifying the challenges of boom deployment in fast water and from advancing vessel systems. It combines the science of sailing and the art of flying a kite, powered only by the water’s current. Elastec holds multiple international patents for the original BoomVane.

  • Drumit Card

    DrumIt is a drum-top vacuum head that attaches to a 55 gallon drum allowing liquids and wet solids to be intercepted and stored. It features an automatic shut off and adjustable vacuum relief valve. A ball lifts in the sight glass to indicate when the drum is full. DrumIt fills each drum to a consistent level every time.

  • Elastec American Fireboom
    Fire Boom

    In the summer of 2010, we supported the controlled burn effort in the Gulf of Mexico to minimize the impact from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Several models of fire resistant oil boom were deployed in the early stages of the in-situ burning operation. Elastec American Fireboom and Hydro-Fire® Boom were responsible for the longest continuous burns and for eliminating the largest amount of oil from the marine environment. American Fireboom is constructed of fire-resistant ceramic materials.

  • Power Units Card
    Hydraulic Power Units

    Elastec manufactures a wide range of hydraulic power units to operate boom reels, oil skimmers and pumps. These power units are available with both diesel or electric drives. The electric models may also be delivered in explosion-proof configuration for use in oil refineries and other hazardous locations.

  • Airmax card
    Oil Containment Boom

    American Marine, a division of Elastec, has been manufacturing quality products since 1967. We are an industry leader in the manufacture of oil containment boom. Our standard oil containment boom is always in stock. Elastec offers a wide variety of accessories. We can also manufacture custom boom to fill individual needs. We also offer the BoomVane™ to aid in the deployment of containment boom in moving water or with a vessel.

  • TDS118 Card
    Oil Skimmers

    Elastec manufactures some of the most efficient oil spill skimmer systems in the world. Our skimmer product line (drums, grooved discs, weir, belts and brushes) is designed for rapid response for inland, coastal and offshore recovery operations. Simple to operate, reliable and efficient for a range of oil viscosities and environments, Elastec skimmers are manufactured in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities in Carmi, Illinois.

  • SmartAsh Card

    SmartAsh® cyclonic barrel burner is an innovative portable incinerator that meets EPA requirements for burning non-hazardous refuse. Simply load a 55 gallon (208 liter) open-head steel drum, light the load and clamp on the lid. A whirlwind of fire and intense heat is created inside the drum, burning refuse without smoke or smell. Combustion is complete, leaving 3% ash.

  • Specialized Vehicles Card
    Specialized Vehicles

    For oil spill response in remote and difficult to reach locations, Elastec offers a line of multi-purpose all-terrain vehicles. These specialized vehicles can be used to carry equipment or outfitted to serve as hydraulic power to operate oil skimmers and other equipment.

  • Trailers and Containers Card
    Spill Response Trailers

    Elastec offers a full range of customizable trailers for storing and transporting oil spill response equipment and accessories. Our oil spill response trailers may be equipped with a side door to give you full access to the equipment and are perfect for storing equipment near control points established in your emergency oil spill response plan.

  • Vacuum Systems PACS
    Vacuum Systems

    Vacuum Systems Brochure Elastec’s line of oil spill and industrial vacuum systems includes the PACS (Portable Air Conveyance System) vacuum trailer, the MiniVac, and the All Terrain Portable Vacuum System. DrumIt drum head vacuum can be utilized to confine hazardous materials to a 55-gallon drum rather than contaminate the tanks of larger systems. Elastec PACS […]

  • Work Boats Card
    Work Boats

    *Disclaimer – Elastec manufactures boats for commercial applications, they do not meet USCG regulations for recreational boats.

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