Elastec offers a wide variety of accessories for our floating booms, and barriers including tidal compensators and magnetic boom connectors. We also offer the BoomVane™ to aid in the deployment of containment boom in moving water or with a vessel. Elastec boom accessories are essential for deploying and maintaining containment barrier systems. These accessories help to improve the performance and lifespan of your barriers, and can make them easier to use in a variety of conditions.

BoomVane card


Boom anchors card

Boom Anchors

Boom reels card

Boom Reels

Boom reel power packs card

Boom Reel Power Packs

Boom repair kit

Boom Repair Kit

Boom stand off

Boom Stand Off

Boom storage racks

Boom Storage Racks

Connectors and bridles

Connectors and Bridles

Magetic hull connector card

Magnetic Hull Connector

Grapple hook card

Grapple Hook

Navigation warning lights card
Pile slider mooring buoy card

Pile Slider Mooring Buoy

Portable blowers card

Portable Blowers

Safe Start igniter card

Safe Start Igniter

Terra Twist anchoring system card

Terra Twist Anchoring System

Tidal compensator card

Tidal Compensator

Boom tether card

Boom Tether

Elastec containment boom accessories include:

  • Tidal compensators: These allow the containment boom to ride up and down on piles or fixed structures such as docks, pilings or piers.
  • Magnetic hull connectors: The Elastec Magnetic Hull Connector is used to attach a small oil containment boom to the hull of a ship or other flat metal surface, creating a tight seal. This allows responders to encircle a ship, containing the spread of oil and increasing the effectiveness of skimming operations.
  • BoomVane: BoomVane™ is a welcome advancement in oil spill cleanup technology, simplifying the challenges of boom deployment in fast water and from advancing vessel systems.
  • Anchors: These are used to secure booms in place. There are a variety of different types of anchors available, depending on the water depth, bottom conditions, and size of the boom.
  • Reels: These make it easy to deploy and retrieve containment booms. Reels can be mounted on boats, trailers, or docks.
  • Repair kits: These allow you to quickly repair small tears or punctures in booms. Having a repair kit on hand can help you to quickly respond to damage and keep your containment system operational.
  • Storage racks: These help to keep containment booms organized and protected when they are not in use. Storing booms properly can help to extend their lifespan and prevent damage.

In addition to the accessories listed above, Elastec also offers a variety of other products that can be used with containment booms, such as skimmers, sorbents, and dispersants. By using the right Elastec boom accessories, you can ensure that your oil spill containment system is effective and easy to use.

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