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Connectors and Bridles

Connectors and Tow Bridles are used for handling and joining floating containment booms or silt curtains in water. A choice of connectors and bridles are available, with or without a float.

Elastec containment booms are offered with standard left-handed ASTM Universal Slide connectors. These connectors will couple with ASTM Z, Mini-Slide and Unicon connectors. Please specify left or right-handed orientation.

Tow Bridles are used to tow a boom, or for anchoring. The tow bar / bridle assembly will correctly apply the towing load across the full width of the boom, aiding boom performance.

The bridle connects to the boom end connector and is secured with a toggle pin. A tow line may be attached to the tow bridle. It can be equipped with an optional bullet float assembly. This ensures the tow bridle is not lost if dropped in the water. It also adds buoyancy on the boom while towing.

As well as individual tow bridles, we offer boom accessory kits supplied in a waterproof plastic tool box. A kit typically includes two tow bridles with 30 meters of tow line each, plus two additional spare tow bridles. Eight spare S.S. toggle pins with lanyard assemblies and eight spare shackles are also included.

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  • Choice of connectors available
  • Choice of tow bridles available
  • Available in accessory kits with containment boom

Connectors and Bridles Photos

Elastec Paravane


A Paravane is used when towing boom to keep the leading section of boom afloat and upright. It features two floats, ASTM connector, steel frame and anodes.