Soil runoff from road construction, dredging, farming, mining, residential and commercial development is the largest nonpoint source pollution of waterways and wetlands. These soil particles, or sediment, can increase turbidity levels (suspended sediment) and put marine habitats at risk by smothering fish eggs and oxygen-producing aquatic plants. Elastec manufactures a complete line of custom turbidity curtains and maintains an inventory of Department of Transportation (DOT) rated curtains.

Type 3 DOT turbidity curtain

Turbidity Curtains

Turbidity curtains, silt curtains, silt barriers, or turbidity barriers, as they are sometimes called, are floating barriers used in marine construction, dredging, and remediation projects to control the silt and sediment in a body of water. Elastec turbidity curtains can be set up to keep construction areas in compliance and protect the environment.

PermaFence boom under bridge


The PermaFence containment boom is designed for permanent installations and minimum maintenance. This heavy-duty boom is capable of withstanding long-term deployments and the arduous conditions of permanent installations. Our specially molded foam filled floats have a unique design that greatly enhances the impact resistance while providing high buoyancy reserve.

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