Elastec manufactures portable liquid storage tanks for recovered oil, potable water, and other liquids. We can manufacture sealed, vented, or open storage tanks in a variety of fabrics, with or without frames. Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Deck tank oil storage

Deck Tank

Pillow tanks

Pillow Tanks

Quick Tank portable oil storage tank


Towable oil bladder

Towable Bladder

Collapsible Fabric Storage Tanks Frequently Asked Questions

What can I store in a portable pillow or open top tank?

Oils, fuels, water, potable water, wastewater, juices…. Please give us the chance to verify which fabric will perform the best but storage capabilities are very broad.

How do you fill a pillow tank?

You can connect a hose to our pillow tanks at the fill / drain which comes standard as a 2” diameter aluminum female thread flange (NPT).

How is a pillow tank or open top tank sealed?

Elastec uses both hot air and Radio Frequency welding to seal the fabrics in both our portable pillow tanks and open top tanks.

What types of collapsible and portable storage are available?

Elastec offers Pillow tanks, Open top (Quick Tanks), Towable bladders, and Deck Tanks. We offer various sizes of each type.

What sizes of portable tanks are available?

Elastec offers pillow tanks from 200 gallons / 757 litres up to 5000gallons / 18,928 litres. We also offer Quick Tanks or open top tanks from 500 gallon / 1893 litres up to 8000gallon / 30,283 litres. Our towable bladders range from 500 gallons / 1890 litres up to 3,500 gallons / 13,249 litres.

Can I pump into a portable tank?

Yes, different adapters such as a cam lock fitting are available to couple with our standard 2” diameter aluminum female thread flange (NPT) which will allow you to connect easily to the portable tank for pumping. Elastec portable tanks also come equipped with PRV’s (Pressure Relief Valves) so you don’t have to worry about over pressuring the tank with air while pumping into it.

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