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It All Flows Downstream

Elastec is the largest manufacturer of oil spill cleanup and surface water pollution equipment in North America. With headquarters in Carmi, Illinois, U.S.A. and three manufacturing facilities in southern Illinois and Cocoa, Florida, we are a global leader in the distribution of oil skimmers, oil boom, fire boom, dispersant application systems, work boats, vacuum systems, portable incinerators, turbidity curtains, and custom containment boom for floating trash, debris and aquatic weed control. For fifty years, our equipment has been operating in 155 countries. Elastec shares a passion for keeping our waterways, rivers and oceans clean with a network of partners around the globe.

From the Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico to the first flush from storm water runoff in Mumbai - surface water pollution - it all flows downstream into our waterways and oceans. Our mission is to develop solutions to clean up contaminants – oil spills, floating trash, debris, silt, sediment, drugs, aquatic weeds and F.O.G. (fats, oils and grease) – to keep our world clean.

Elastec. It all began with a bucket.


Designed for oil spill response, search and rescue, construction projects, and a variety of waterway tasks, the Elastec Inlander Boat & Barge is a work horse on the waterways. Built like a strong, muscular draft horse, the Inlander’s cargo capacity (4,000 lbs / 1,814 kg) hauls heavy response equipment quickly and safely. Its rectangular straight sheer, shallow draft, modified V-hull allows it to be harnessed together with other Inlanders to form various configurations of work platforms.


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The rugged, trailer mounted PACS vacuum system is purpose-built for removing oil, liquids, solids, and sludge from reclaim pits, catch basins, wastewater lagoons, tank cars, and oil sites. It is available in a variety of blower and vane configurations. It is approved for highway towing (NATM) and can be pulled with a pickup truck, fork truck, tractor, or Multi-Purpose Crawler Carrier.

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