Oil Spill Response Equipment

Elastec is the world’s largest manufacturer of purpose-built oil spill equipment for inland, nearshore and offshore incidents –skimmers, oil boom, fire boom, BoomVane™, dispersant application systems, work boats, industrial vacuums, specialized vehicles, storage tanks, pumps and power units. We manufacture some of the most efficient oil skimmer systems in the world at our ISO 9001 certified facilities and test our equipment at OHMSETT for performance.

Elastec provides oil spill response equipment systems and equipment training for energy companies, Oil Spill Recovery Organizations (OSROs), governments, refineries, coast guards and petroleum transportation companies around the world.


Arctic oil spill response equipment

Arctic Oil Spill Response

Arctic conditions are one of the most difficult environments for oil spill response operations. Elastec manufactures equipment to make this tough job easier. Our American Fireboom for insitu burning of oil (ISB) has been successfully tested in arctic conditions.

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Fastwater spill response equipment

Fastwater Oil Spill Response

Responding to oil spills in rivers and fast-moving water can be challenging, without the proper tools, spilled oil can quickly move downstream and contaminate miles of banks and waterways.

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Inland spill response equipment

Inland Oil Spill Response

Responding to inland oil spills presents its challenges. From reaching remote access points on land to working in fast, shallow rivers, Elastec has a varied line of equipment to tackle rugged terrain and remote locations.

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Offshore oil spill response

Offshore Oil Spill Response

From the Exxon Valdez oil spill incident in 1989 to the Deepwater Horizon blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, Elastec’s offshore oil spill response equipment has expanded from high-performance fire booms to include precision dispersant systems and mechanical skimming operations.

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Pipeline oil spill response equipment

Pipeline Oil Spill Response

Oil is transported through pipelines all over the world. Safety is the pipeline industry’s number one priority, which is why most pipeline environmental managers prefer Elastec oil spill recovery equipment.

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Railway oil spill response equipment

Railway Oil Spill Response

As railway crude oil transportation has increased, so has oil train safety regulations. In the U.S., comprehensive Oil Spill Response Plans (OSRPs) are being required. Elastec offers a complete line of oil spill response equipment for rail response operations.

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Elastec offers workshops to share the knowledge of environmental and spill response industry experts in a comfortable classroom setting at our Illinois facilities. Responders learn to operate Elastec equipment on land and in water to augment response tactics. Engineers and consultants experience the “whys and hows” of product performance criteria and modeling principles.

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