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Aerial Surveillance

Elastec Aerostats offer real-time surveillance for a variety of aerial photography applications including oil spill response, security and environmental monitoring. The system can be deployed and retrieved in a matter of minutes.

The Elastec Aerostat 3 is lightweight and portable. It incorporates patented wings that stabilize the balloon and give lift. This unique surveillance system is supplied ready to go, you just add Helium. It is delivered with a hand reel holding 200m/656 feet of a high-strength orange mooring line and ground anchor - the unit can be deployed and retrieved in a matter of minutes. To enhance visibility the Elastec Aerostat 3 has wings in bright orange fabric, LED light and mooring line ribbons. In addition to the visual references, it is the only system available with integrated radar reflection - helping ships and boats pinpoint the position and providing aircraft with a potential signature.

The Elastec Aerostat has significant advantages over a drone. It will stay aloft for extended periods of time and can be flown without a license, can accommodate a choice of cameras and no flight training is necessary – and - it is compact and relatively inexpensive. This system will also operate in higher winds and provide a stable image, even over crowds.


The system has a wide range of potential applications. Primarily, it can provide responders with an aerial view of an incident (oil spills etc.) and provide real-time monitoring via the wireless video feed (to a wifi enabled tablet or smartphone). In addition, it may be used for security surveillance and aerial photography.

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  • For aerial photography and surveillance
  • Stays aloft for extended periods of time
  • Can be flown without a license

Aerial Surveillance Photos

Aerial Surveillance Video


3 cubic metre / 105 cubic feet in a sturdy orange fabric, light holder, Go-Pro (optional) pouch with integrated radar reflection and Battery operated LED

200m / 656ft of Dyneema orange mooring line with ribbons, hand reel and bock

Big Bag Launcher

Regulator Valve with Contents Gauge (Helium tank not included)

4K wireless Camera with 3 x Axis Gimbal, charger, SD card, shock resistant storage case, spare battery

Ground Anchor

The Aerostat 3 comes with a 3-Axis Gyro keel mounted stabilized camera that provides professional quality 4K video. The camera will lock onto a target and stabilize the image absorbing unwanted movements with smooth tracking. You can shoot video at up to 4Kp30 or 1080p60 and takes crisp, clear 12 megapixel stills. The camera may be removed from the aerostat for hand operations with a whole host of shooting modes, the built-in joy-stick provides for panning and tilting the camera (or via remote operation from your phone using the integrated App). Media may be quickly shared via the internet or downloaded using a Micro USB from the onboard 16 GB SD Card (which can be upgraded to 64 GB). Time-lapse and autopanorama photography provide users with more amazing options to capture incidents, operations and much more.

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