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BoomVane™ is a welcome advancement in oil spill cleanup technology, simplifying the challenges of boom deployment in fast water and from advancing vessel systems. It combines the science of sailing and the art of flying a kite, powered only by the water's current. Elastec holds multiple international patents for the original BoomVane.

BoomVane is faster, safer and less expensive than traditional booming methods.

500 ft / 150 m of boom can be deployed with only two people in half the time it takes for traditional booming methods. It is also less expensive than conventional booming, which requires boats, anchors and numerous responders.

BoomVane is easy to assemble

Easy to assemble

BoomVane is easy to moor to the shore

Easy to moor to the shore

Easy to attach boom

Easy to attach boom

Easy to deploy

Easy to deploy

0.3m BoomVane Size Chart

BoomVane™ size comparison chart

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