The .3m BoomVane is a device for deploying oil containment boom into shallow rivers and other waterways by harnessing the power of the current. These containment boom deployment and retrieval systems are lighter than “trawl doors”. BoomVanes feature greater surface area and generates higher bollard pull at lower speeds. (Which is needed for towing oil booms.) This BoomVane is designed for both shore-based and vessel operations with shallow draft oil boom. The BoomVane helps with carbon offsets by eliminating the need for a second vessel. This is the smallest BoomVane in our range for particularly shallow waterways with a water depth greater than .5m. Please fill out our BoomVane Questionnaire and tell us about your project.

The ELASTEC BoomVanes are unique in that they are fitted with a control rudder that facilitates deployment in rivers. Larger BoomVanes such as the 1.5 and 2m versions are designed to be deployed and towed from large sea-going vessels. These vessels can winch in the Vane (or back down on the unit) for recovery. When vanes are deployed in a river scenario there needs to be a system for recovery. Our 1m , 0.5m and 0.3m BoomVanes are fitted with a reversible rudder and control line, simply trip the rudder and the vane will sail back to the shore, with boom in tow.

The .3m BoomVane is constructed as a cascade of vertical wings mounted in a rectangular frame. Powered by the current, the BoomVane, held by a single mooring line only, swings out towards the opposite shore with the oil boom in tow. This powerful yet light and handy tool enables rapid boom deployment – it can be operated in waters with heavy traffic since the control rudder allows for fast and effortless system retrieval from mid-stream.

0.3m BoomVane

As a fast-water tool, the BoomVane works equally well when deployed off a vessel. In this mode of operation, the vessel’s progress through the water powers the BoomVane. Powered by the water flowing past as the vessel advances, the BoomVane, held by a single tow line, swings out and away from the vessel with the oil boom in tow.

BoomVanes operate in water speeds ranging from 1 to 5 knots. As all BoomVane models are self-balancing, no adjustments or trimming is required.

Elastec holds multiple international patents for the original BoomVane.

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The Elastec BoomVane is stable in variable currents due to the rudder being spaced distantly from the vanes. The rudder ensures angle of attack is maintained, developing a constant tow. 10 plus vanes provide largest wetted surface area for overall size. Smaller units work in rivers due to adjustable rubber facilitating reversing of direction and feature the lowest possible draft to facilitate nearshore and river applications. The BoomVane disassembles for transport and lays flat for shipping. It has a proven track record with over 500 units sold and has been proven in multiple oil spills. Five sizes for are available for multiple environments from shallow rivers to deep offshore applications.

BoomVane size comparison chart

BoomVane™ size comparison chart

BoomVane Questionnaire

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