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0.5m BoomVane™

The 0.5m BoomVane™ boom deployment device is designed for shore based river operations in waters less than 3 ft / 1 m deep. It may also be used to deploy boom in water too shallow for a towing vessel. This powerful, yet light and handy tool, makes spill control and recovery possible eliminating the need for boats, anchors or fixed installations.

The BoomVane can be operated in waters with heavy traffic since the control rudder allows for fast system retrieval. As a fast-water tool, it works equally well when deployed from a vessel.

BoomVane Size Comparison Chart

BoomVane is constructed as a cascade of vertical wings mounted in a rectangular frame. Powered by the flow of the current, the BoomVane, held by a single mooring line, swings out towards the opposite shore with the oil boom in tow. It is stable in water speeds ranging from 1-5 knots, insensitive to "chop" and fluctuations of the current.

Elastec holds multiple international patents for the original BoomVane.

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  • Eliminates the need for two vessels
  • Designed for use in shallow water boom deployment
  • Rides stably in water speeds ranging from <1-5 knots

0.5m BoomVane™ Photos

0.5m BoomVane™ Video

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