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Boom Repair Kit

Elastec offers kits for repairing containment boom and tank fabric using hot air gun technology for Thermoplastic fabrics, or glue for rubber based booms. The kit is provided with detailed step by step instructions to facilitate repairs, making patches and repairing seams.

Hot air repairs provide a long lasting fix as the surfaces of the fabric are melted together, similar to the boom's original construction. The method is the same for boom, portable tank, bladder or tarpaulin repair with PVC or urethane fabric.

The kit comes in a waterproof tool box containing: One hot air gun (110 or 220 volt) with nozzle, roller, repair fabric and instructions.

Contact us to specify the voltage requirement when ordering, as well as the type of material to be repaired. We can supply repair fabric in PVC, Urethane and XR5.

  • Complete kit for repair
  • For boom and portable tanks