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Grapple Hook

Elastec’s Grapple Hook may be used for a variety of purposes, including the retrieval of containment boom trailing from a BoomVane. Take the grapple assembly and set the stop (the poly washer on the 3/8” rope) so that the grapple, when thrown into the water, rides slightly below the surface. The grapple should NOT extend all the way to the bottom, because if that were the case it could easily be snagged on an object in the river bed.

Cast the grapple into the water, while holding the other end of the 3/8” line. When the grapple snares the rope extending from the boom, pull it in and secure the boom to shore as desired.

Grapple hook step 1

1. The ELASTEC Grapple Hook can be disassembled for storage. (When storing, stack both pieces flat and push pin through holes to keep them together.)

Grapple hook step 2

2. To reassemble, slide the small section into the slot of the larger sectioni until the top of the hook is flush.

Grapple hook step 3

3. The pin holes on both pieces will align allowing you to push the locking pin through to secure the two pieces together.

Grapple hook step 4

4. Adjust the depth of the hook by locking the orange float into place with the black collar.