Elastec manufactures a range of hydraulic power units for the operation of boom reels – from 9 to 20 hp (6.7 to 15 kw). These power units can be diesel or electrically operated. The size of the boom reel power unit will depend on the size of the reel plus the type and amount of oil spill containment boom the reel is carrying.

The boom reel power pack may be a relatively small unit mounted on the front of the boom reel trailer or skid mounted for use from the deck of a ship. Larger units may incorporate a hydraulically driven air blower for the inflation of oil containment boom. Controls for the boom reel may also be on the power pack or the reel itself, depending on the system selected.

Electrically driven units are typically used in fixed installations where the boom reel remains in one place. The motors are offered with different enclosures and voltages. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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