The ELASTEC DrumIt is a drum filling vacuum head with an automatic shut-off setup. Simply connect the DrumIt to any vacuum source, such as a vacuum truck, to intercept liquids or solids in the drum (not included). DrumIt fills each drum to a consistent level every time. Buy replacement parts for Drumit.

The lid assembly is constructed in stainless steel and fitted with 3 inch / 75 mm or 4 inch / 100 mm camlock coupling. It is suitable for US standard 55 Gallon open top oil drum / barrel (3 rib) with an opening diameter of just under 24 inch. The shut off ball will float up when the drum is full and can be seen in the sight glass by the operator. The vacuum bypass valve can be adjusted to control the vacuum levels being pulled on the drum. Supplied with spare sight glass.

In situations where dry, solid or sandy materials need to be recovered, we can provide a vacuum head with a washable and replaceable dry filter that works in tandem with the original DrumIt.

Optional: Suction Wand, vacuum system MiniVac or PACS

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