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Omni Catamaran

The Elastec Omni Catamaran is a versatile aluminum work boat that offers a variety of waterway maintenance and marina service applications. Its interchangeable “pods” are easily exchanged to facilitate various marine tasks such as: collecting floating debris, transporting cargo, pumping out boat sewage, cutting invasive aquatic weeds, supporting diving operations, lifting buoys and responding to oil spills.

The Omni Catamaran’s unique drop-in pod system allows for a range of duties to be performed efficiently while offering a large, flat working platform and excellent stability.

The Litter Basket pod has a capacity of 99 cu ft / 2.8 cm that allows the Omni Catamaran to collect floating trash and debris in harbors, marinas and protected waterways. Strengthened corner points allow for secure crane hoisting.

The A-frame lifting system with a 1,500 lb. mid-ship pull for added stability is ideal for hoisting and inspecting navigational buoy moorings and a multitude of applications that cannot be accomplished with standard craft.

The pump out pod is designed for servicing sewage holding tanks on boats allowing the Omni Catamaran to serve as a “valet” pump out boat. The pod’s holding tank is located below deck, adding to the stability of the Omni Catamaran. The pump system may also be used in emergency situations where pumping of a bilge or other location is needed. Pump out grants may be available for vessels equipped with these systems.

The wash-down pod features a gasoline power washer to spray river walks and docks.

The weed cutter is designed to cut invasive aquatic plants. The 4 ft wide cycle cutter is used in conjunction with the collection basket to trim and collect marine vegetation.

The cargo pod is a recessed compartment for transporting equipment. It features strengthened corner points for crane lifting and has a maximum load capacity of 2,204 lb / 1,000 kg.

Standard non-slip aluminum tread plates provide a solid-surface working platform allowing the Omni Catamaran to be used as a general waterway maintenance vessel.

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  • One vessel that can fill multiple maintenance roles
  • Interchangeable pod system
  • Helps keeps marinas and protected waterways clean

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