Magnum 200 oil skimmer

The Elastec Magnum 200 floating drum oil skimmer (Specs) is designed for a wide range of water conditions and higher oil recovery rates (ORR). The Magnum 200 can be deployed from boats on open water or during inland oil spill response. The Magnum 200 has been tested at Ohmsett to substantiate its nameplate capacity and efficiency. View our guide for drum oil skimmer configurations. Fill out our questionnaire and tell us about your project.

The Magnum 200 floating drum oil skimmer is able to recover a wide range of oils, from sheens to bunker oils. Even with this large design, the weight and draft of the skimmer is minimal due to its patented design. The simple construction and lightweight anodized frame will provide many years of service. A wave breaker can be fitted for open waters to help prevent splash-over into the skimmer sump.

The heavy-duty, high density drums, as with all Elastec drum skimmers, are resistant to impact and abrasion. They not only serve as the rotating oleophilic element that selectively recovers oil from water, they also provide buoyancy for the skimmer. The open design facilitates cleaning and removal of any floating debris or trash. A removable trash screen prevents larger items from entering the oil pump.

The Magnum 200 is available with a choice of drives and oil pumps. It is also available with hydraulic or pneumatic motor. The offloading pump may be mounted on the oil skimmers for high-head applications.

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Magnum 200 Specifications

Smooth Drum Nameplate Capacity:200 gpm / 45 cu.m per hour
Grooved Drum Nameplate Capacity*:356 gpm / 81 cu.m per hour
Number of Drums:4 (Polyethylene HD)
Frame:Anodized marine grade aluminum
Weight300 lb / 136 kg (w/o external pump)
372 lb / 169 kg (w/ integrated cargo pump)
DimensionsFrame with camlock discharge - 71 x 97 x 30 inches / 1.8 x 2.5 x 0.76 m
Frame with integrated cargo pump - 76 x 103 x 46 inches / 1.9 x 2.6 x 1.2 m
Optional wave breaker adds 10 inches / 0.25 m to the height
ApplicationsIndustrial, Coastal, Open Water

“The drum skimmer has been installed in our Equalization Tank for removal of slop oil. It has been able to remove heavy oil, as well as light oil and has been easy to operate and maintain.”

Numaligarh Refinery

“We have great experiences with these in our systems. That’s the reason why we’re installing them in our systems for oil skimming purposes.”

S. Paul

“We are impressed with the mechanical simplicity of the design, which makes the equipment more reliable than other brand of equipment. In particular, now we are using the “grooved” drums and we are very pleased with the enhanced performance.”

F. LaRotta

Magnum 200 Diesel Hydraulic Configurations

Magnum 200 with D22 and ES400 pump

Magnum 200 (smooth or grooved drum) with D22 Power Pack and ES400 helical screw submersible transfer pump.

Oil Skimmer Questionnaire

Thank you for considering the Elastec Oil Skimmers. Please complete a few simple questions that will help define your requirement.

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