The X150 Oil Skimmer offers Elastec’s revolutionary grooved disc technology and is designed for recovering high volumes of oil in open water and river operations. The X150 model has ten grooved discs offering a high oil encounter rate, matching pump performance and high throughput efficiency. Tested at Ohmsett test facility according to ASTM F2709, the X150 has an oil recovery rate (ORR) of 660 gallons per minute (150 cu m per hour). The X150 operates in stationary and advancing modes.

The Elastec X150 skimmer may be towed through the water at speeds higher than conventional systems, meaning more oil is encountered for a given sweeping width. Our patented design features a unique retention hull that retains the recovered oil. The unique, patented grooved discs are a development of the well-proven grooved drum technology. Elastec’s grooved drum and disc technology is internationally patented. The lightweight, submersible transfer pump is calibrated with the skimmer’s recovery rate.

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