Magnum 100 oil skimmer

The Magnum 100 is another well proven drum oil skimmer from Elastec (Specs). The lightweight Magnum 100 is one of the highest performance-tested skimmers available. It is suitable for both oil spill response and industrial applications. The lightweight design combined with the stability and high buoyancy provided by the four drums enable the Magnum 100 to be used in harbors and coastal waters as well as inland areas such as rivers and lakes. View our guide for drum oil skimmer configurations. Fill out our questionnaire and tell us about your project.

The original design concept was patented in 1990. Thousands of Elastec drum skimmers have been sold worldwide and proven themselves both in emergency response but also industrial applications. The fact that the skimmer is suitable for continuous duty is a testament to the design concept.

Elastec drum skimmers are able to recover a wide range of oils and sheen, from diesel to crude and fuel oils.

The skimmer features heavy-duty high density Polyethylene drums, which are resistant to impact and abrasion. They not only serve as the rotating oleophilic element that selectively recovers the oil from water, they also provide buoyancy for the skimmer. The skimmer can draw oil in from all directions. The drum material is resistant to many chemicals found in industrial pits, sumps, separators and tanks. The self-adjusting wiper blades recover oil from the face and side of the drums as they rotate. The wipers can easily be replaced without tools.

Drive is provided for the drums by a pair of centrally mounted gearboxes (provides even weight distribution), these gearboxes provide the torque necessary to turn the drums in heavy oils as well as allowing for fine control of the drum speed. The drum shafts are supported by self-aligning bearings. This is all mounted in a lightweight anodized marine grade aluminum frame with open and steeply inclined pathways that direct recovered oil to the central collection sump.

The open design facilitates cleaning and removal of any debris or trash. A removable trash screen prevents larger items entering the recovered oil pump.

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Magnum 100 Video Gallery

Magnum 100 Oil Skimmer Specifications

Recovery Rate*251 gpm / 56 m3h (Grooved Drum)
Weight202 lb / 92 kg
Dimensions71 x 57 x 26 inch / 1.80 x 1.77 x 0.66 m
Application Industrial, Harbor, Coastal

“The drum skimmer has been installed in our Equalization Tank for removal of slop oil. It has been able to remove heavy oil, as well as light oil and has been easy to operate and maintain.”

Numaligarh Refinery

“We have great experiences with these in our systems. That’s the reason why we’re installing them in our systems for oil skimming purposes.”

S. Paul

“We are impressed with the mechanical simplicity of the design, which makes the equipment more reliable than other brand of equipment. In particular, now we are using the “grooved” drums and we are very pleased with the enhanced performance.”

F. LaRotta


D10 Power Unit + E150 Pump

The ELASTEC D10 Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit is paired with the ELASTEC E150 submersible pump.

D10 power unit and E150 pump

D22 Power Unit + ES400 Pump

The ELASTEC D22 Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit can run the skimmer with the ES400 submersible pump.

D22 power unit and ES400 pump

D7 Power Unit + Lobe Pump

Our diesel driven Lobe pump has the ability to handle heavy oils with entrained solids. The skimmer is powered with the D7 powerpack.

Lobe pumps


The Magnun 100 skimmer can be powered by compressed air. Fitted with two air motors, coupled to the drums with a gearbox, the drums can be turned at low speeds if necessary to recover light oil layers. The recovered oil pump (air operated diaphragm), can be remotely located (on the pond or river bank), alternatively it can be mounted on the skimmer itself, for high head applications.

Pneumatic skimmer system


Wave breaker (to increase skimmer freeboard), spares kits, steam coils, disc and brush inserts, smooth or grooved drums, aluminum storage container.

Magnum 100 steam

Steam Coils

Brush drum insert

Brush Drum Insert

Disc drum insert

Disc Drum Insert

Oil Skimmer Questionnaire

Thank you for considering the Elastec Oil Skimmers. Please complete a few simple questions that will help define your requirement.

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