The ELASTEC Duck Weir Skimmer is a self-adjusting, floating weir skimmer that can be used for duckweed or water meal removal. They can also be used for oil spills.

The ELASTEC DUCK skimmer is a high capacity weir skimmer suited for inland waterways and ponds, the design incorporates a self-adjusting weir that pivots within a robust, lightweight floating frame. The suction connection is fitted with a standard Camlock coupling, to which a suitable suction pump or vacuum truck can be coupled. This skimmer automatically adjusts skimming volume according to flow created by the external pump (optional). The skimming depth can be increased with a higher flow rate. The high throughput help draw the algae over the weir, discharge from pumps can be filtered before returning water to source.

Weir skimmers operate by taking the surface layer of the water, material lows into the central hopper, drawn in by the water flow created by the external suction pump. Loose, floating material on the surface of the water (duckweed, algae, weeds, oil, water meal, scum) will be carried into the sump. The larger skimmer is fitted with boom connectors so that the material can be funneled to the inlet. (boom sold separately).

Available in two different sizes, depending on the size of the job and the flow rate needed to pull in material. The DUCK 50 is fitted with a 2 inch Camlock coupling, the DUCK 100 has a 4 inch. Our floating surface skimmers can skim large areas quickly and effectively. Elastec has been manufacturing skimming devices since 1990.

Contact us with your weed management issue and we can provide a solution that includes appropriate skimmer, and pump for the job.

Duck Skimmer Photo Gallery

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Duck 100 Weir Skimmer

Weight:70 lb / 31.75 kg
Dimensions:57 x 42 x 21 inch / 146 x 106 x 43 cm
Capacity:Variable but has been verified to function properly up to 650 gpm
Solids Handling:Limited by pump
Suction:4” screw on Camlock
Lifting Point:Double handles
Duck100 top


Duck 100 front


Duck 100 side


Duck 50 Weir Skimmer

Weight:23 lb / 10 kg
Dimensions:34 x 24 x 15 inch / 86 x 61 x 38 cm
Capacity:Varies based on pump or vacuum
Suction:2” screw on Camlock
Lifting Point:Double handles
Duck 50 top


Duck 50 front


Duck 50 side


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