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Duck Skimmer

The Elastec Duck Weir Skimmer is a self-adjusting, floating weir skimmer that can be used for duckweed or water meal removal. Weir skimmers operate by taking the surface layer off the water. Material flows into the central hopper where it's pumped to storage. Weir skimmers are non-selective, which means any loose, floating material on the surface of the water (duckweed, water lentils, water lenses, algae, weeds, oil, water meal, scum) will be carried into the sump to be pumped out. Collected material can be deposited into a strainer to help remove the water.

Duckweeds (genus Lemna) are small, flowering plants of the family Lemnaceae. It has a flat, single, oval leaf and is usually no more than 1/4 inch long. It floats freely on the surface of still waters, such as ponds, lakes, and sloughs. The flowers of duckweed can attract flies, mites, small spiders, and bees. It grows very quickly and can cover the entire surface of small ponds. It is an important source of food for waterfowl and fish but can quickly become an issue. Duckweed grows rapidly when exposed to chemical treatments for lawns and greens. Due to this, golf course ponds and water features can become overrun with duckweed. Harvested duckweed can be used for livestock feed and fish feed, and even has potential as a fertilizer.


Elastec has been manufacturing skimming devices since 1990. Non-selective floating weir skimmers are a good choice for skimming material that is floating on the surface of water. However, they will also recover a larger amount of water with the material you are skimming. They are also self-adjusting, which means that the skimmer automatically adjusts its skim based on the pump’s flow rate. Our floating surface skimmers can skim large areas quickly and effectively. Contact Elastec with your duckweed management issue and we can provide a solution that includes the correct skimmer, pump, and power unit for the job.

  • Excellent for Duckweed removal
  • Self-adjusting floating weir skimmer
  • Can collect duckweed in a strainer

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