Simplex boom is an industry standard oil spill containment boom. Its lightweight and reliable construction makes it ideal for shoreline and coastal protection. Simplex is an inexpensive boom, yet it features a high buoyancy reserve provided by stable closed cell foam log floats. American Marine, a division of Elastec, has been manufacturing quality floating boom and barrier products since 1967. Fill out our questionnaire and tell us about your project.

Simplex boom conforms to OPA 90 requirements. The containment boom is supplied with ASTM compliant interchangeable end connectors fitted with Zinc anodes for rapid coupling of sections.

Simplex Spec Chart

As an option, a top cable can be added to increase the tensile strength of the boom for fast current and towing applications. Manufactured in fully welded PVC material, this containment boom is fitted with handles and anchor points, as well as being offered with a variety of accessories. In high currents, we can offer booms with shorter skirts to reduce drag.

Read how Simplex is used to skim oil in a saltwater disposal facility.

Optional Accessories: Anchor Sets, Tidal Compensator, Tow Bridle, Marker Lights, Boom Stand Off Units, Repair Kits, Alternative Connectors, Magnetic Hull Connectors, BoomVane™.

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Simplex Boom Specifications

ModelSimplex - 12 inSimplex - 18 inSimplex - 20 inSimplex - 24 in
Total Height12 in / 300 mm18 in / 460 mm20 in / 500 mm24 in / 610 mm
Freeboard6 in / 150 mm6 in / 150 mm8 in / 200 mm10 in / 250 mm
Draft6 in / 150 mm12 in / 300 mm12 in / 300 mm14 in / 360 mm
Weight1.68 lb/ft - 2.49 kg/m1.7 lb/ft - 2.5 kg/m1.8 lb/ft - 2.6 kg/m2.2 lb/ft - 23.3 kg/m
Section Lengths25, 50, 100 ft / 7.5, 15, 30 m25, 50, 100 ft / 7.5, 15, 30 m25, 50, 100 ft / 7.5, 15, 30 m25, 50, 100 ft / 7.5, 15, 30 m

Simplex Containment Boom Used In Saltwater Disposal Facility

A saltwater disposal company uses 40 ft of Elastec’s Simplex 6″ X 6″ boom with ASTM Universal Connectors and Tow Bridles to skim oil off the top of the saltwater. As shown in the pictures, they start the boom out in a straight line, then using the tow bridle, they sweep the boom over to the other side of the bay. Then, in a horseshoe formation, they drag the oil down to the other end and pump the oil over to the oil tank.

Other Standards and Federal Regulation

F2683-11(2017) Standard guide for selection of booms for oil spill response
F625/F625M-94(2017) Standard practice for classifying water bodies for spill control systems
F818-16 Standard terminology relating to spill response booms and barriers
F1523-94(2013) Standard guide for selection of booms in accordance with water body classifications
F2084/F2084M-01(2012)e1 Standard guide for collecting containment boom performance data in controlled environments ISO 17325

Simplex complies with United States Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) 33.Pt 154. App.C for Rivers and Canals, Inland and Great Lakes. Boom with less than 18 inches height will only comply with CFR 33 for Rivers and Canals.

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