The ELASTEC Inlander (aluminum workboat) is a hybrid of hull styles (Skiff, Jon, Sled) to give you a multi-purpose boat with unique capabilities. The modified V hull with a blunt bow, high sides, and a wide stance increase the payload to double that of similar boats, an impressive 4,000 lbs./1,800 kg – added to which they can be lashed together for even more versatility. The Inlander is perfect for oil spill response, emergency response, rescue, cargo hauling, and commercial fishing applications.

The wide hull and 36 inch tall sides provide added stability for working over the sides. The modified V provides more comfort at speed than a Jon boat or a flat bottom boat. The Inlander can also be used in conjunction with the Jenson Lake Mower to cut a path in aquatic vegetation for response operations.

The heavy-duty construction uses Marine grade 5052 3/16” aluminum for added strength and durability for commercial applications such as hauling cargo, equipment or gear.

Visibility over the bow is important for navigation of rivers – especially at speed. The configuration of a single outboard with a tiller optimizes the cargo space while the optional twin outboard setup with console provides higher maneuverability and bollard pull.

The boat can be fitted with a single or twin outboards matched with console and remote control. The ELASTEC INLANDER can reach speeds of 46 mph (light) depending on choice of outboards.

This shallow draft boat is available in a narrower version to fit in a regular shipping container for export. Multiple units may be stacked to economize on shipping.


THE ULTILITY MINI-BARGE can be strapped alongside (or towed) for even more capacity. The Barge provides 115 sq ft / 10.7 sq m of generous cargo area for hauling all types of materials.


Oil spill, diving, construction, research, survey, fish, rescue, response, maintenance, cargo transport, aquaculture, environment studies, hunting, commercial fishing, camping, etc.


• Rivers • Lake • Reservoir • Protected Waters


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