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Aluminum Landing Craft

Elastec aluminum landing craft are often used for oil spill recovery and waterway maintenance operations. They can be fitted with a choice of outboard motors. The spacious hull can carry a range of loads and offers a large deck area. The bow ramp is convenient for loading equipment and utility vehicles. View our available models. We can custom build a boat to your specifications.

Financing Available
United States & Canada Only.

Elastec aluminum landing craft are designed to operate in shallow or open water conditions. Recognizing that response and waterway maintenance may require beaching, they are fitted with a bow ramp. These impressive aluminum work boats can typically achieve 30 to 40 knots depending on choice of propulsion options.

Landing craft can be configured with a simple console arrangement or a fully enclosed cabin. These boats are designed for oil spill, municipal, and commercial applications. Features available include a heavy-duty davit and winch system, tow-post for boom towing, and bow door/ramp that allows loading and unloading from the shore. Our E26C model can be shipped in a standard 40 ft container to reduce transportation costs.

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  • Open bow for oil spill recovery and waterway maintenance operations
  • Can be fitted with twin outboard motors
  • Designed to operate in shallow or open water

Aluminum Landing Craft Photos

Aluminum Landing Craft Video

Elastec manufactures a range of landing boats that can be employed in a variety of roles such as fast response and supporting marine operations (oil spills, rescue, firefighting etc.) They are based on well-proven designs from a reputable naval architect with years of experience. Stable high-performance hulls that can be configured in a wide variety of ways. The landing boat open bow feature facilitates the transfer of equipment from land to water for a variety of applications.

The proven hull design can carry a range of loads and offers a large deck area combined with a bow ramp for ease of loading equipment from the shore. These aluminum landing craft boats are designed to operate in shallow or open water conditions. They can be fitted with a range of outboard motors.

Typical roles for these vessels include:
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Marine Debris Collection
  • Dive Platform
  • Navigation Aids
  • Cargo Transportation
  • Fire Fighting
  • Water Taxi/Crew Boat
  • Dam & Impoundment Maintenance
  • Marine Research
  • Movie Industry
  • Law Enforcement
  • Search & Rescue

Elastec Aluminum Work Boat Specifications
Length20 ft 7 inches / 6.3 m23 ft / 7 m26 ft 9 inches / 8.1 m26 ft 2 inches / 8.0 m26 ft / 7.9 m28 ft 1 inch / 8.56 m31 ft 6 inches / 9.6 m
Beam8 ft 1 inch / 2.46 m8 ft 1 inch / 2.46 m7 ft 4 inches / 2.24 m9 ft 2 inches / 2.5 m9 ft 4 inches / 2.8 m8 ft 1 inch / 2.46 m10 ft 4 inches / 3.15 m
Cargo Door64 inches / 1.62 m64 inches / 1.62 m64 inches / 1.62 m60.5 inches / 1.53 m65.5 inches / 1.66 m64 inches / 1.62 m72 inches / 1.82 m
Max Cargo*2,000 lb / 907 kg3,000 lb / 1,360 kg5,000 lb / 2,268 kg5,000 lb / 2,268 kg6,500 lb / 2,948 kg5,500 lb / 2,495 kg8,000 lb / 3,629 kg

*Payload is based on even weight distribution and calm water. Note: Length does not include outboard, jet or stern platform. E26C will fit in a standard 40 ft container.

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Aluminum Work Boat Options (final design may vary)
Rear work lamps

Rear Work Lamps

Anti-foul hull paint

Anti-Foul Hull Paint

Push knees

Push Knees
(Can be outfitted with boom poles)

Stern guard with step plate

Stern Guard with Step Plate

Lower deck railing

Lower Deck Railing

Accessories arch

Accessories Arch

Bimini top

Bimini Top

Console with windshield

Console with Windshield

3/4 wheelhouse

3/4 Wheelhouse

Fully enclosed wheelhouse

Fully Enclosed Wheelhouse

Console with windshield and grab handles

Console with Windshield and Grab Handles

Console t-top

Console T-Top

D bumper rub rails

“D” Bumper Rub Rails

Davit (Manual or Electric)

Davit (Manual or Electric)

Non-skid deck paint

Non-Skid Deck Paint

Forward deck flood lamps

Forward Deck Flood Lamps

Deck courtesy lighting

Deck Courtesy Lighting

Forward docking lamps

Forward Docking Lamps

Gunwale railing

Gunwale Railing

Suzuki logo

Suzuki logo

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