The Elastec Vacuum Hopper is a portable vacuum vessel that can be coupled to vacuum pumps or trucks. Once a vacuum is created in the hopper, liquids, oils and sludge can be sucked up and then dumped into drums or other containers placed below the hopper.

This free standing Vacuum Hopper can be used with the Elastec MiniVac or All Terrain Vac. The Vacuum Hopper is manufactured in aluminum and includes an automatic shut off, full opening 6 inch dump valve and retractable legs for easy transport and storage.

Capacity: 72.5 gallons / 274 litres
Shipping Dims;
43” x 43” x 78” / 1.09 x 1.09 x 1.98m
195 lbs / 88kg
Note: Requires vacuum source for operation


Elastec vacuum hopper detail illustration
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