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The patented Elastec NeatSweep® is a precision dispersant application system that targets oil by funneling it into the Dispersant Application Zone (DAZ) where it is applied neat (undiluted). By adding an Elastec BoomVane™, this innovative system can also be operated with a single vessel.

A computerized monitoring system controls the rate of dispersant application, reducing waste. It senses the speed of the system through the water and self-adjusts the pumping rate. Oil enters the dispersant application zone (DAZ) at uniform thickness allowing more precise dosing and targeting.

The system includes two sections of AirMax boom, computerized oil spill dispersant pumping unit, dispersant application unit and mixing panel. This system allows the neat (full concentration) application of oil spill dispersant directly onto the oil. As the setup is more efficient, more oil can be treated with each deployment. Most importantly, the system operates at a safe distance from operators, reducing their exposure to wind-blown chemicals.

Independent tests at Ohmsett confirm efficiency of up to 92%.

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  • Reduces dispersant waste
  • Reduces environmental footprint
  • Increases responder safety
  • Decreases response time
  • BoomVane eliminates a vessel

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