AirMax is a versatile, inflatable oil containment boom, manufactured from high-quality Urethane fabric. The AirMax range of containment booms are designed for compact storage and quick deployment. The high visibility orange fabric greatly assists mariners and vessel operators to avoid a potential navigational hazard. As an added safety feature, the hot galvanized steel ballast chain is enclosed in a reinforced fabric pocket to prevent entanglements and pinch points for operators. This chain also acts as a tension member for added strength and resistance of towing forces. American Marine, a division of Elastec, has been manufacturing quality floating boom and barrier products since 1967. Fill out our questionnaire and tell us about your project.

Elastec offers a full range of boom reels that can be delivered for all sizes of AirMax boom. These reels are available mounted on trailers or in storage containers. We also offer a full range of boom accessories including blowers, bridles, anchor sets, boom lights, choice of connectors, and tidal compensators. AirMax is available in six sizes. The size required will depend on the sea conditions or water body where the boom will be deployed.

AirMax Spec Chart

As standard, the AirMax range of booms are supplied in manageable section lengths. These shorter sections allow for a greater flexibility of deployment configurations. If one part of the boom is damaged, only a small section is removed for service. As an option, AirMax can be fitted with foam panels that act as reserve buoyancy in the event of a puncture.

AirMax has individually filled air chambers, and each chamber is equipped with a valve. This valve has a built-in non-return valve.

High capacity air blowers are available to rapidly fill the individual air chambers as the boom is deployed into the water.

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AirMax Boom Specification Chart

AirMax containment boom size comparison
ModelRiverHarborNearshoreOffshoreOpen WaterDeep Sea
Connector Height17.5 in / 0.44 m24 in / 0.61 m38 in / 0.96 m50 in / 1.27 m57 in / 1.44 m75 in / 1.9 m
Operation Height16 in / 0.40 m22 in / 0.56 m32 in / 0.81 m43 in / 1.1 m48 in / 1.22 m64 in / 1.63 m
Freeboard8 in / 0.20 m8 in / 0.2 m14 in / 0.35 m18 in / 0.46 m 20 in / 0.51 m24 in / 0.61 m
Draft8 in / 0.20 m14 in / 0.35 m18 in / 0.46 m25 in / 0.64 m28 in / 0.71 m40 in / 1.01 m
Air Chamber Length50 ft / 15 m10 ft / 3 m10 ft / 3 m10 ft / 3 m10 ft / 3 m10 ft / 3 m
Section Length50 ft / 15 m100 ft / 30 m (other on request)100 ft / 30 m (other on request)100 ft / 30 m (other on request)100 ft / 30 m (other on request)100 ft / 30 m (other on request)
Bottom Tensions5/16 in / 8 mm Galv. Chain5/16 in / 8 mm Galv. Chain3/8 in / 9.5 mm Galv. Chain1/2 in / 12.7 mm Galv. Chain1/2 in / 12.7 mm Galv. Chain1/2 in / 12.7 mm Galv. Chain
Weight 28 oz1.56 lbs/ft - 2.30 kg/m1.85 lbs/ft - 2.75 kg/m2.75 lbs/ft - 4.1 kg/m4.25 lbs/ft - 4.1 kg/m4.45 lbs/ft - 6.6 kg/m4.9 lbs/ft - 7.3 kg/m

General Specification

ConnectorsASTM Universal Slide*
ColorHigh Visibility Safety Orange
Deployment TimeApprox. 15 minutes using reels
Section Length100 ft / 30 m
BallastGalvanized chain in double layer fabric pocket
Fabric28 oz / 950 gsm (Optional 36 oz / 1,220 gsm) Urethane (+/-2)
Splash Over PreventionTop fin
HandlesFitted at regular intervals along top of boom
Standard Inflation Pressure0.75 psi / 0.05 bar
Shipping InformationNormally supplied on reel
Anchoring Points At every section connector
CleaningIndustrial detergents, pressure washing

*Other connectors available on request.

Containment boom reels

Containment Boom Reels

Oil containment boom reels are the fastest and most efficient means for storage, deployment and recovery of longer lengths of boom. Most of our reels have the ability to free-wheel to speed up deployment. Our boom reels may be hydraulic or manually operated and are suitable for both inflatable boom and some models of foam flotation boom.

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