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About Elastec

It Started with a Bucket

Elastec capabilities brochure1990 in Crossville, Illinois, two hard working entrepreneurs, Donnie Wilson and Jeff Cantrell, were working in the oil fields of the Illinois basin, trying to clean up an oil pit with a skimmer that was picking up more water than oil. Frustrated, one of them made the comment that more oil could be recovered with a 5-gallon bucket than with the useless skimmer they were using. He threw a bucket into the oil. The bucket landed in the pit, spinning like a drum. Oil stuck to the bucket, leaving the water behind. It was a “Eureka” moment!

Wilson and Cantrell invented the first efficient drum oil skimmer. The rest is history.

Today, Elastec’s environmental products are distributed in 155 countries and include a variety of oil skimmers, containment boom, turbidity curtains, work boats, portable incinerators and industrial vacuum systems. We are an innovative company with a big mission, developing solutions to clean up surface water pollution, to keep our waterways clean. And, it all started with a bucket.

Elastec Milestones

Donnie Wilson and Jeff Cantrell with early Elastec oil skimmer


Elastec is established by Donnie Wilson and Jeff Cantrell from Crossville, Illinois, USA with their invention of a drum oil skimmer.



Elastec purchases the rights to a portable incinerator and increases sales of the unit by 2,000%


As global awareness of environmental protection and oil spill response increases, Elastec opens its first international remote office in Moscow, Russia.



The portable incinerator line expands with the development of MediBurn for the disposal of medical waste in developing countries and remote locations. MediBurn purchases continue to grow globally, including several installations in Liberia for the control of Ebola waste.

Elastec American Marine boom


20th Century Guy by Jim Pearce

Elastec shareholders purchase American Marine, Inc., (AMI), of Cocoa, Florida. Elastec and AMI operate as a brother/sister corporation under Elastec/American Marine, Inc. Jim Pearce founded American Marine, Inc. (AMI) in Cocoa, Florida in 1967 and retired after 30 years of innovation in the industry. AMI manufactures a varied line of floating booms, barriers, baffles and curtains to protect waterways from silt and sediment pollution during dredging and construction projects; to contain oil, marine debris and trash; to control aquatic weeds and to decrease total suspended solids in waste water treatment plants. American Fireboom (in conjunction with the 3M Company) and Hydro-Fire® Boom were developed by AMI for the In-Situ Burning (ISB) of oil. These fire booms outperformed all other flame-resistant systems during the Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.


Elastec/American Marine develops and manufactures the Porta VAC, a trailer mounted vacuum system, ideal for ground spills, beach cleaning and tank cleaning.

Hydro-Fire boom


Elastec/American Marine develops a new fire resistant boom for the In-Situ Burning (ISB) of oil spills, the Hydro-Fire® Boom. DrumIt is introduced, a compact vacuum head for 55 gallon drum containment or to intercept hazardous materials from a larger vacuum system.


MiniVac, a compact, portable vacuum system is developed for working in remote areas such as beaches, pipelines and industrial applications.



Elastec/American Marine develops a precision dispersant application system for oil spill cleanup, NeatSweep®, designed to increase the efficiency and safety when applying dispersants.

ISO 9001:2008


Elastec/American Marine obtains ISO 9001 Certification.

Drug Terminator


The Drug Terminator, an adaptation of the SmartAsh, is developed for the on-site destruction of evidence drugs by law enforcement agencies.

PACS vacuum trailer


The trailer-mounted vacuum line continues to expand with the creation of a Portable Air Conveyance System (PACS) for hydro-excavation and the removal of liquids, solids and sludge from land or water.

Elastec 1309 building


Elastec/American Marine has products in 60 countries. The company purchases a vacant Wal-Mart building in Carmi, Illinois, and it becomes the new facility for administration, operations and manufacturing.

Elastec receives Inc. 5000 award


Elastec CFO, Jeff Bohleber accepts the Inc 5000 Award on behalf of Elastec/American Marine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. Elastec received this award for eight consecutive years from 2007 to 2015. Also in 2007, the Company licenses the Grooved Skimming technology from the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Elastec/American Marine introduces the new ShovelHead suction skimmer.

Guinness Book of World Records award for Elastec


The Deepwater Horizon well blowout occurs in the Gulf of Mexico, the worst oil spill incident in the U.S. to date. Elastec/American Marine manages the controlled burn operations for BP. American Fireboom and Hydro-Fire Boom eliminate the most oil among all fire boom systems in the Gulf. Elastec/American Marine’s Hydro-Fire® Boom is bestowed the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the “Longest Continuous Burn of Oil Spill at Sea” for its performance during the Deepwater Horizon incident. Elastec/American Marine adds two new locations; Sales headquarters located at 926 County Road 1350N, Carmi, IL and 1600 W Main St., Carmi, IL to warehouse inventory.

Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X Challenge award


Elastec/American Marine purchases a vacant Wal-Mart building in Fairfield, Illinois as the new manufacturing facility for the “boom” division – working in tandem with the Cocoa, Florida facility. Work boats are developed for oil spill response. Elastec/American Marine wins the X Prize Foundation’s Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE with its patented Grooved Disc skimming technology.

Elastec receives Popular Mechanics award


American Marine is merged into Elastec. The Grooved Disc skimming technology wins several international awards including the Popular Mechanics 2012 Breakthrough Technology Award, Offshore Arabia’s prestigious Excellence in Environmental Applications Award and the Nafta Gaz Grand Prix Award at Oil & Gas Warsaw in Poland.

Elastec Oil Spill Workshop


Elastec/American Marine develops a commercial line of X Skimmers scaled from its award-winning grooved disc technology. The first Oil Spill Workshop draws attendees from around the world.

Elastec X150 Skimmer Launching System


The X150 Launching System is developed as a turnkey system for offshore vessels serving offshore oil spill recovery operations.

Elastec 25th Anniversary logo
Elastec 25th Anniversary
Golden Gate installation


Elastec/American Marine celebrates its 25th anniversary with a new logo and the incorporation of American Marine under one name, Elastec. An Elastec Ruffwater Type III turbidity curtain is installed near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California and receives an environmental award nomination from the California Department of Transportation.

Omni Catamaran
Beach Bouncer


Elastec enters new markets driven by the Clean Water Act and introduces the Omni Catamaran, BruteBoom and Beach Bouncer to help keep our waterways clean from trash and debris. Elastec’s products are now used in 155 countries.


Elastec Donnie Wilson and Jeff Cantrell in the Gulf of Mexico

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