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Shoremax Inter-tidal containment boom

ShoreMax is a special purpose oil spill containment boom for use in shallow water environments or to traverse between the beach and the sea

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ShoreMax inter-tidal boom on reel
ShoreMax oil spill containment boom stored in container
Deploying ShoreMax oil spill boom

ShoreMax shore seal boom (inter-tidal boom)

ShoreMax is a special purpose inflatable oil spill containment boom for use in shallow water environments or to traverse between the beach and the sea. It is ideal for making the transition between a conventional floating boom and the shoreline, equally it is very useful in swamp and marsh areas where the water level can rise and fall. Ballast is provided by water filled tubes.

ShoreMax is manufactured from welded heavy-duty Urethane. It lays flat when stowed, optimizing storage space.

ShoreMax features a water ballasted skirt comprising of two water tubes with a single top tube that provides buoyancy when the boom is floating. This tube is inflated or as an option can be fitted with foam floatation. When deployed in shallow water or dry land the twin water tubes will form a seal, preventing the spread of oil. The twin water tubes ensure the boom is stable.

ShoreMax is a lightweight but durable inflatable oil spill containment boom with good resistance to the elements. As standard the ShoreMax is supplied in manageable 50ft / 15m section lengths. The boom is supplied with ASTM compliant end connectors for rapid coupling of sections. These end connectors are fitted with Zinc anodes.

ShoreMax containment boom has individually filled air chambers, each chamber being equipped with the patented Monsun valve. This valve has a built-in non-return. Water tubes are fitted with a filling / emptying port with a plug. Water pump and air blower required for operation.