FlexiBelt is a unique spring-loaded floating containment barrier designed to be used by ships during refueling and product transfer operations. It will ride up and down against the ships’ hull and seawall, automatically adjusting to the changing distances and waterline. Typically, two FlexiBelts are deployed with one upstream and one downstream (facing in opposite directions). American Marine, a division of Elastec, has been manufacturing quality floating barrier products since 1967.

Fitted with full-length fiberglass battens for flexibility, a pair of FlexiBelts seal the area of potential spills. Simply tie a line to each of the outer ends of the containment barier and another to the grommet in the middle. Fold the unit in two and drop it down between the ship and the sea wall (or two ships). The FlexiBelt will spring open and seal itself against the two. As the distance between the two changes, the belt will compress or open by itself.

Alternatively, the FlexiBelt is a very simple way of segmenting walled ponds and oily water separators without any fabrication or installation. Select a Flexibelt that’s approx 30% wider than the distance between walls.

FlexiBelt is available in multiple sizes ranging from 6 – 20 ft / 1.8 – 6 m.

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